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Humor in Jakob the Liar Film by Peter Kassovitz


Humorin Jakob the Liar Film by Peter Kassovitz

CanHumour in Holocaust Fiction be justified?

Inthe film by Peter Kassovitz plays a pivotal role in displaying humorto the different characters. Robin Williams has a way of bringinghumor to his work. Peter Kassovitz chose him to play the role ofJakob.Most of the Films and materials written present the events ofHolocaust in a somber nature and are deficient of elements of humorfor a reason. Conversely, the film uses humor throughout. Forinstance, an actor is featured for the ability to use humorthroughout in order to connect with the intended audience (Baron,2005).In this case, Peter Kassovitz afford a number of viewers.The film start with Jacob chasing a newspaper in the ghetto. Thenewspaper is floating about and if it has a mind of its own and Jacobis desperate to get it. Right away, it is evident that German Nazisare seen as a result of Jacob accidentally running out of chasing thepaper (Baron,2005).

Humoris interwoven in various dialogues to lighten the dark backdrop ofholocaust stage. By use of an actor known of humor, is an addedadvantage to the whole film. In the story line context, aimed atgiving hope in the darkness to the public brings much difference anduse of humour plays a pivotal role. Nevertheless with holocaust, theuse of humor is grossly misused in the film Jacob the liar and thusvery inappropriate. It is very pervious and sacrilegious especiallyto the suffering and affected survivors who may happen to be part ofthe public. Furthermore, in informing one on Shoah event, one woulduse a critical and a very careful approach to the whole issue. Inaddition, Holocaust history is by itself a tragedy and by virtue ofignoring the nature of it, is a tragedy by itself. In such a matter,there is no humor and, as a result, Peter Kassovitz made a mistakethat needs rectification. In fact, it is like capitalizingfinancially the tragedy (Becker, Jurek , andAlessandra Bastagli, 2002.).

Inconclusion, it is clear that the public of this film will not bepersuaded and moved adequately when they watch Jakob the Liar and thehumor that goes hand in hand with it. In addition, it is very sadthat unless the audience is exposed to a wider scope of Holocaust,they will always see the inefficiency of Holocaust in displayinghumor. Thus, humor cannot be justified in the film Jakob the liarHolocaust fiction film. The movie ends up as an ineffective holocaustsince it fulfill every aspect involved (Becker,Jurek , and Alessandra Bastagli, 2002).

Humourin Peter Kassovitz film by Jacob

Humorcan be a very powerful and creative tool to use especially when astraightforward language is unfeasible. In the opening of thescenes, Peter Kassovitz film establishes an immediate shift fromBerkel`s novel and display a message of humor intended by a largeaudience. The opening credits come from the voice of Robin Williamswith a European accent that is easternized telling what had thenbecome the era of holocaust joke. The joke presents Hitler going to afortune teller to ask him when he will die. In response, the fortuneteller tells him that he will die on a Jewish holiday. Hitler onfurther inquiry asks him how he knew. Furthermore, the fortune tellerby saying that any day that he will die will be a Jewish holiday.This joke in combination with witty and credits written in fonts thatare scratchy and drawn barbed wire string presents the film onsubversive potential of humor. If the same humor is presented in theruling party, it will be greatly forbidden (Corell, 2009).

PeterKassovitz present another instance of humor when he makes acommentary on humor as a means of survival and lightening the hope ofthe audience. Berker`s Narrator ensures clarity by stating that itwould be an easy and a simple storyline so that the viewer relaxes.However, he offers viewing experiences that are different, beginningwith a ray of hope when strife surrounds. The movie ends up as anineffective holocaust since it fulfill each of them.. Unlike JakobHeym who was an old tired man forced into hard labor amidst theongoing strifes, Kassovitz employs much humor. Meanwhile, RobinWilliams in the film is presented as a comic person who bringsauthenticity to areas involving controversies. He puts himself in thephysical symmetry of Jacob who was an old man with much audacity. Infact he, presents him as a tormented figure which further increasesinstances of humor (Gilman, 2003).

Furthermore,the wit of Jakob is enhanced with Kassovitz choice of character. Itis Jacob who provides the voice over during the introduction thattries to bring humor in the ghetto. Jacob is the one who speaks abouthis wife tree and thus the importance of trees. The whole filmpresent humor in characters from the start to the end and shows howhumor can be used as an entity that presents things that in normalcircumstances cannot be said (Taub, 2005).


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