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Importance of College Education

Importanceof College Education

Collegeeducation is valuable to an individual who is hoping to achieve thebest in his or her life. It is every student’s dream to reachhigher levels of education to fulfill his or her life goals. Collegeeducation is currently an essential part of education which everyindividual must go through to be competitive. Research put togetherdone by many organizations shows that college education is of greatvalue to every student who hopes to earn a ticket to the mostavailable opportunities in the society. The genuine reason as to whyone should go through college education is to have the requiredprofessional skills that will help him or her earn a chance ofemployment in whatever field (Delbanco, 2012).

For one to get a chance of working in any field, college education isthe only ticket that will make a person competitive among the otherpeople vying for the same opportunity. Knowledge and skills that oneacquires from the college education makes him,or her competent forany job opportunity offered. One develops trading skills afterpursuing education of a college levelhence better life outcomes.itmakes one marketable whenever any juncture is on the offer. Educatedpeople who have college knowledge tend to have a better livingstandard rather than those who did not attain college education.Theylive a life characterized by self-fulfillment because one learns howto tackle life at whatever point during the process of acquiringcollege education (Smart &amp Paulsen, 2011).

Anyperson who went through college education is successful in mostcases. Only a few people who do not succeed in discovering theirpotential after their acquisition of college education remain poorfor the rest oftheir lives.College education helps one to understandculture diversities because one meets people of differentbackgrounds. When an individual learn and understand culturaldifferences through college education, they understand dogmatism andbarbarisms that inculcates the culture of in an individual.Collegeeducation enables on to implement the changes expected within asociety. Any change that starts from the individual level isbeneficial to the society.During the process of acquisition ofcollege education, an individual undergoes a gradual change resultingto a better person than before the college education. A better personwithin the community is one who is human enough to distinguish thevalues from other vices (Delbanco, 2012).

Collegedegree equips an individual with some life values such as sharing.For one to succeed in life, he or she must be a social being wholives peacefully with other individuals. The skills, which thestudents learn from college, will result to later applicationsinlife. When they become employees in any company or an organization,they achieve any set target because of their skills in teamwork. Theygive the best of their careers. Those who obtain college educationare competent in their careers,and they gain promotion or get betterranks during employment practice. College education opens variousways to an individual.People tend to have a positive perception to aperson who has college education as compared to how the illiteratepeople are before the eyes of the society (Smart &amp Paulsen,2011).

Collegeeducation is a crucial tool to any individual who wishes to achievehis or her life goals.It gives onestatus in the society and gets morerespect from other people. College education enables one to providewell for his or her family hence promoting the living standard ofother people within the community. People who go through collegeeducation form agroup of role models which the every developingcountry. Every child who is still pursuing education should be awarethat college education is valuable in life. Parents should encouragetheir children to strive towards reaching the other important levelsof education including college (Delbanco, 2012).


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