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Importance of connection in Coach-Client relationships Unit

Coach-Client Relationship

Importanceof connection in Coach-Client relationships


The coach-client relationship must be more personal butprofessional-based to create the emotional connection needed to bringtheir thoughts and feelings at par for enhanced understanding. Bymaking it personal, the coach shall seek to learn the client’sperspectives on life, spirituality, likes and dislikes, fears,aspirations for the future, other relationships and such. The coachshould thus probe and guide the client in understanding thesepersonal issues through probing and open ended questions. Thisenables the client to reflect and chart his own path and understandhis/her choices and take responsibility for them. This strategy isused in the Bible in the book of Genesis (3:11) when God asked Adamand Eve, “who told you that you are naked?” It is only after thisquestion that the two were able to reflect on what happened, own upto their mistakes and move forward towards a solution. Theirrealization that they were naked saw them choose to cover theirnakedness without God suggesting it at all.

Science has also shown the need to for coach-client connections.Schore’s (2000) work in neuroscience showed that the right brainstores every single experience. These experiences which can beaccessed through emotional connections cause neurons in the brain tofire up. This means that new experiences can be created through newneural circuits connections to replace old ones. This means that acoach can access a client’s old experiences, activate andreconstitute them in the right manner. This reconstitution is alsoevident in the Bible through the parable of the Good Samaritan. Jesusused the parable to and asked probing questions to change thedisciples’ perspectives of a good neighbor (Luke 10 25-37). Thisshows that old experiences can be accessed and reconstituted througha working emotional connection.


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