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Individual Portfolio Overview


IndividualPortfolio Overview

PartA: Skills Development

Task:Online Surveys 1 April, 2014

OnlineSurvey using Google Forms

Overviewof Steps

Thefirst step entails logging into a Google account and visiting theGoogle Docs homepage. It is after visiting the Google Docs homepagethat one will select the option for creating a new form. It is fromthe CREATE NEW menu that drop down the menu and choose FORM. Thethird step entails editing of sample questions and adding others. Thefourth step involves customizing the theme and the response page,this may be optional. The fifth step entails sharing the link andsurvey, after which the results can now be checked.

Surveyusing SurveyMonkey

Theinitial step starts with logging into a SurveyMonkey account afterwhich one chooses Create Survey option. In creating a totally freshsurvey, select create a new survey option. It is after choosing thisoption that one enters the title of the survey and then clickscontinue. The next step entails adding questions and managing pagesfrom the Design Survey tab, select Add Questions tab to includequestions. In adding different questions, click Save &amp Add NextQuestion. It is after adding questions that one can use advanceddesign features to customize the survey. The next step entailssending and developing the audience, while the last entails analyzingof responses and results.

Bycomparing these two tools, Google Forms are easier to use for thedesigner and respondents compared to SurveyMonkey. On the other hand,the two tools are flexible since one can customize the surveys.

Challengesand solutions

Oneof the principal challenges encountered in the online survey task wastechnical issue, where there were compatibility problems between thebrowser that I was using and the online survey tool. However, thisproblem became solved through using a different browser. Initially, Iwas using Internet Explorer, which had compatibility issues. Thisproblem became eliminated by using Firefox. Another challengeexperienced was the corruption of invitation message, in thedeployment of the survey. However, this problem became solved throughtroubleshooting. After troubleshooting, it was discovered that someviruses had corrupted the invitation message. This was solved byscanning the viruses.

PracticalUse of Online Surveys

Onlinesurveys are exceedingly crucial to the management setting. Themanagement can utilize the online survey, when it has a desire inenhancing its services and products to its customers. In case themanagement wants to enhance its services and products, it can use theonline surveys in asking different questions relating to the servicesand products that the company offers. It is through the onlinesurveys that the management will be capable of receiving variousresponses concerning the way forward in enhancing services andproducts. Through actualization of the responses, the management canbe capable of enhancing its services and products. The online surveyscan also be applied, when the management wants to know whether itsemployees and suppliers are satisfied in working with the company. Inthis case, the management can prepare the online surveys to therelevant parties that is, employees and suppliers so as tounderstand their satisfaction. It is through the responses thatsuppliers and employees give that the management can understand therating of the company. In addition, the management can use the onlinesurvey in understanding how the public views it, in terms of, CSRwhich is critical to the company.

Task:Wikipedia 1 April, 2014

Overviewof Steps

Inediting a Wikipedia article, the first step entails logging into aWikipedia account. This is necessary in since the VisualEditor, whichis used for editing articles, can only be accessed by the registeredusers. Therefore, creating of an account is essential for the editingof a Wikipedia article. After successfully logging into the account,choose an article that needs to be edited. Then, click on Edit tab atthe top of the page. This will open a fresh page having a text boxcomprising the editable text of the present page. The next stepentails editing the article. After finishing, press the Save tab tomake changes visible to all users. The following screenshot depictschanges done by editing the Wikipedia article, Macdonaldization. Thehighlighted words in the right indicate the edited part of thearticle.

Challengesand Solutions

Achallenge experienced, when using this tool in making changes to theWikipedia article was that it was not possible to use theVisualEditor tab in case one does not have an account with Wikipedia.Therefore, in solving this problem, I had to register with Wikipediaso as to access the VisualEditor tab. Another problem entailed theuse of copyrighted information. The article could not be edited usinginformation that is already protected through the copyright law. Insolving this problem, I had to use original information that does notbreak the copyright rule I had to do this by sieving through thewords that I used in editing the article.


Theskill of editing Wikipedia articles can be used in providinginformation that is current to people. In most cases, Wikipediaarticles may provide old-fashioned information, which may not behelpful to researchers or learners however, through developing theskill of editing the Wikipedia articles, it is feasible to updateinformation that is likely to assist learners. There are somecompanies that use Wikipedia in sharing information with others, whodo not know the company. In such a scenario, the management may usethis tool in making different adjustments to the Wikipedia articleshaving the company’s information. For instance, the individualsinvolved in the operations of a business may change emanating fromvarious reasons. This implies that the company has to make changes inthe information provided in its Wikipedia article in order to meetthe current needs of the business. Take, for example, a company maywish to publish information regarding its management team andsuppliers in a Wikipedia article. In case of any change in the teams,the Wikipedia article needs to be edited in order to reflect thecurrent situation.

Task:Social Search 1 April, 2014

Overviewof Steps

Theinitial step involves visiting the sites Analytics.topsy.com andboardreader.com. Upon visiting the sites, search the term “prestige”.Results will become displayed, which can be compared. The top resultsprovided by the two sites are totally different. The boardreader.comprovides top posts that are relevant in any language having the term“prestige”. On the other hand, the Analytics.topsy.com siteprovides top searches of all tweets having the term “prestige”.In addition, the results in this site are in English language. Thisis what I would expect since these two sites are social sitestherefore, they are likely to give any post or tweet with the term.This is exactly what they displayed. In fact, the two options providedifferent results since they display information on the termdepending on the time it was used. For example, in the boadread.com,the display is for the past 3 months, while the results from theAnalytics.topsy.com site show that the information availableregarding the term is for the past 17 hours. This is expected sincedifferent people identify with different social sites. Therefore, aterm used in one social site for a given time, might not be used inanother social site within the same time.

Challengesand Solutions

Oneof the challenges experienced in using these social sites was theproblem of compatibility with the browser that I was using. Thesocial sites failed to load properly with the internet explorerhowever, this problem was solved by switching to another browser. Onswitching from the internet explorer to Firefox, the loading problemwas overcome. On the other hand, another problem involved comparisonof the results that the two social sites provided. This was due tothe difference in the features presented by the sites however, thisproblem became sorted through using common elements in both sitessuch as time, when the time was used.


Thesocial search may be utilized by the management in looking forinformation that is trending concerning the organization. In thepresent world, the social sites have become vital tools of sharinginformation, no matter the weight it carries. This implies that, themanagement can always use the social search in knowing what thesocial sites are reporting about a certain aspect involving thecompany. For example, a company may be involved in a rumor of havingindulged in a corruption scandal, which may be just hearsay. So, themanagement of such a company can utilize the social search in knowingwhat people in the social media are saying concerning the issue. Onthe other hand, the management can utilize the social search inknowing what a certain rival company is involved in since socialmedia may share information of a certain company, which may exposethe company to the heights of losing its competitive advantage. Inaddition, the social search can help in the future career as ajournalist. As a journalist, I can always search the social sites soas to get top stories that I can find the truth in them and reportthem appropriately.

Task:Quantified Self 2 April, 2014

Overviewof Steps

Sleepor physical activity can be tracked using a fitbit. The steps intracking sleep, or physical activity entails wearing a fitbit first,which will help in tracking the physical activity during the day, orsleep during the nighttime. The device can be worn in one’s pocket,wrist, bra, or shirt. The next step entails exploring visualizationof the physical activity, or sleep quality on a web site. The datacollected by fitbit becomes synched online by design, when the deviceis near the base station. Besides, the data collected by the fitbitcan also be viewed through using a new mobile web site.

Challengesand Solutions

Oneof the principal challenges in using this tool of quantified selfentailed constantly wearing the fitbit device. Wearing of the deviceon a shirt was a challenge since at some point, I had a feeling ofremoving the shirt emanating from the hot working environment.However, this challenge became eliminated through wearing the fitbitdevice on the wrist, where it could always remain intact to the body.The other challenge involving this tool was based on the accuracy ofdata obtained. The probability that the fitbit may be removed at somepoint implies that the data regarding the physical activity may notbe accurate. However, the problem was fixed through ensuring that thedevice was always fixed to the body.


Themanagement can use the quantified self tool in enhancing theperformance of an organization. This can be ensured throughquantifying the physical activities of its employees. Sometimes,employees may not be engaging in active physical activities that mayhelp in enhancing the performance of an organization. Therefore,through using the quantified self tool, the management can be capableof understanding the data of its employees in terms of physicalactivity. In organizations, where employees have to be physicallyactive in order for the organization to succeed, the management canspot individuals that are not physically active. This can help themanagement in eliminating such individuals and consider hiringothers, who are physically active. Such a process will be exceedinglycrucial to the organization since it can aid in enhancing itsperformance. Besides, the quantified self tool is also exceedinglyuseful to the management since the tool can help in quantifying themood of employees. The mood of employees is critical in enhancing theperformance of an organization this is because employees becomehighly productive, when they have a good mood. Therefore, throughusing this tool, the management can be capable of predicting andenhancing its performance by ensuring that the mood of its employeesis always good.

Task:Google Map Maker 2 April, 2014

Overviewof Steps

Thefirst step entails logging into Google maps using a Google account.Then, a place on the Google map is selected. It is after selecting aplace on the Google map that a place to edit is selected. Afterselecting a place to edit, a line is selected where the edit willtake place. Besides, because there are various roads, a road segmenthas to be selected during editing. It is after selecting the place toedit that the tab indicating ‘Edit the Place’ is selected. It ishere that a window will pop up to the left that will direct a personin making the required changes. The steps are finalized by saving thechanges made to the Google map. The following is a screen shotdepicting the changes made on a location in a Google map.

Challengesand Solutions

Oneof the principal challenges in using the Google map maker was inselecting a place to edit. This was a challenge because one could notselect any place in the Google map, but had to consider a particularplace. However, this problem became eliminated by selecting a placethat I was familiar with this is because one cannot make changes toa place he/she has never toured. Another challenge was locating aplace however, through following the direction of roads and usingadjacent locations, or neighborhoods, it was possible for one toidentify an exact place.


TheGoogle map tool can be utilized by the management in givingdirections to potential and existing customers. Customers will alwaysneed to know an exact place, where they can purchase commodities orservices. Therefore, the management can provide such directionsthrough using Google maps. At times, through using the Google mapmaker, the management can add new information concerning thelocations of its businesses. For example, upon opening new locationsin different places, the management of a given organization can usethe Google map maker in adding the new changes in a Google map. Thisis critical to an organization as it helps the organization increasesales by offering information concerning new branches since customersalways seek proximity. Besides, organizations can use this tool inadding any new information that can aid new employees in locating theorganization easily. In addition, the tool can help in the futurecareer as a journalist since I will need to move from place to place.So, any changes made through this tool will help in identifying acertain location with a lot of ease. Therefore, the Google map makeris an exceedingly vital tool both to the management and for a futurecareer, especially for individuals that will need to move todifferent parts.

PartB: Reflection

DiscussionSet 1: Understanding Information Needs&nbspQuestion: whatshould this course teach us?

Throughthis course, I hope I can learn some new methods for searching beyondGoogle and the use of Google tools. In the daily life and study, Ialways need to search information to get the idea. So, I amremarkably excited to learn this course. The content of this coursepost is just what I need to learn.&nbspQuestion: What is thedifference between information and data (meta-data)?

Thedata refers to the description of the properties of objective thingsit is a reflection of the objective nature of things, morphology,structure and characteristics of symbols. Data may be specificnumbers, words or images. On the other hand, information is areflection of objective reality features and changes. It is theresult of data processed, with a certain meaning and valuable fordecision-making. Information entails including the data, base on thedata, but data is not including the information. For example, if datais the raw material, information will be the products.

DiscussionSet 2: Information is StoredQuestion: Does the world make senseOR do we make sense of the world?

Ithink individuals make sense of the world. This is because the worldin its natural form without any human alteration would not besensible. Thus, human beings alter and manipulate their environmentsso as to make sense of the world. The natural form of the world doesnot make any sense. Human beings have to use their talents andintellectual knowledge to manipulate the world and make sense of it.If the world would remain in its natural form, it would not be of anybenefit to human beings. According to philosophers, individuals makesense of the world.

Question:From Gateway to Gatekeeper: Is Google restraining us?

Gatewayis a proxy in information technology that passes information betweennetworks. The gateway uses internet protocol addresses to pass theinformation between the networks. A gatekeeper, on the other hand, isan anti- virus installation, which restricts the sources of softwarethat a person uses. This reduces the number of sources for softwaresthat a person can use. Google changed its security system fromgateway to gatekeeper and this limits the software sources that aperson can use. A person can only use sources that are in Google’sapp store. Thus, Google restrains the software sources for its users.

DiscussionSet 3: Information is SocialQuestion: why do we need/valueprivacy? It is obvious that privacy emerges as oneof the most valued elements of human life. Individuals engage in alot of things that are private and not to be known, by the public. Inthe event that such information becomes leaked to the public, seriousissues may emerge, especially when the information is proved to be aninfringement of human rights, or breach of the constitution. In thisline of argument, individuals value their privacy to guard theirdignity and their businesses. Some of the things that people engagein are shameful and may not attract approval from people or the law.Privacy usually protects the personal space of individuals. Overtime, individuals have learnt to appreciate their privacy and protectit in every way possible. In respect to this reality, privacy hasbeen accorded extreme value, and violation of the same can result toserious legal issues with the culprits.&nbspQuestion: Isresearch better off because of the Internet?Presenttime research has improved a great deal as a result of the internet.The internet has made it feasible to access different categories ofinformation and knowledge from different authors. Further, the accessof information makes it possible for the learned people to analyzethe work of other people, as well as leave their comments on how theinformation can be improved or perfected. Researchers and learnerscan access all the information they require for their study throughthe internet. Essentially, it is now possible to cross referenceinformation from different authors, without having to read the entirebooks and keep huge piles of papers. Trust worthy information isfiltered, by checking the academic credentials of the authors.Seasoned authors deliver well researched information and researchfindings, which are based on rigorous experimentation and strictadherence to research procedures.

DiscussionSet 4: Information is MobileQuestion: mobile phone security? To briefly answer this question, I think the best way tokeep information safe is through implementing a good control system.To save a good backup of all the information will be the first step,if the information is not saved on the cloud. Damage control would bethe next thing. One can ask the telecommunication company for adetailed process of how to recover the damage in the best way. Iwould also read through the advice on privacy posted online. Thereshould be many pieces of advice now.RE: Geo Location vs.Privacy Settings/Standards?I agree geolocation is agood technology, as well as its ethical complications. My opinion isthat privacy gets breached often, whether it is for security orbusiness. To set up a global standard to anything is alreadydifficult. I think it will be exceedingly cumbersome to put astandard on this delicate issue. Besides, the notice is conveyed tothe users sharing one`s location may not be that much significantissue. People who value their privacy can choose to turn off thesharing. The most favorite discussion wasdiscussion set 3. I liked this discussion since it clearly indicatesthat information is social. However, although information needs to beshared, there is a need for privacy in order to guard the provisionsof the constitution. I also liked the discussion since it clearlyindicates that the internet has helped in improving research. The least favorable discussion was discussion set 2. I didnot like the discussion because it is obvious that people make senseof the world. This is because the world in its natural form withoutany human alteration would not be sensible.

Inconclusion, the biggest challenge concerning the sharing ofinformation, presently, is the lack of privacy. Due to theprogression in technology, there has been a discovery of differentways of sharing information. This is not a problem, but the problemis what information to be taken as private and information to betaken as public. Individuals should become aware of the constitutionprovisions on privacy in order to avoid sharing private informationinto the public domain. The question that needs to be added to thediscussion board is when will people make good use of informationtechnology, what needs to be done to streamline the use ofinformation?State your team name?The team name is MiracleWorldwide (M.W. Consulting).What did you learn? I learnt that team work helps in sharing of ideas appropriatelysince everyone had an advantage in the teamwork. The team work wasenjoyable, while someone is doing powerpoint, someone else is writingthe essay. Team work was exceedingly vital in the completion of theassignment since every team member provided his/her points, whichwere analyzed by the team. This was critical in ensuring that therewere many points of discussion among the group. I learnt thatthrough team work, it is exceedingly easy to complete an assignment.This is due to the reasoning that every team member was assigned apart to play the part that every team member played was grounded onthe capacity of the member to complete the assignment. This made iteasy to complete the assignment. On the other hand, I learnt thatthrough team work, it is easy to understand some of the difficultareas in the assignment. This was because different team membersperformed best at a certain area, which they were eager to assistothers understand. This helped in boosting understanding of theassignment problems within the group members.What was yourbiggest challenge?The principal challenge wasorganizing of the group. As the team members provided their inputs,they desired everything to be put down however, as a team, thischallenge was overcome through setting up rules that guided what tobe written down and what not to. On the other hand, there was aproblem in leading the group since everyone desired to showleadership skills. Therefore, selecting a leader of the team became aproblem, but this problem was solved by the team agreeing that everymember was a leader in one way or another. In fact, every member hada leadership role in the group so as to make all team memberssatisfied with the group.

Thecounsel that I would desire to give to the next year’s group isthat they need to take team work very seriously. This will help themin sharing ideas in a swift manner. Failure to take team work in aserious manner will result to a delay in the submission of theassignment. Therefore, the next year’s group should consider takingteam work with a lot of seriousness. Besides, the group should alsoensure that every team member will contribute to the group. Thismotivates the entire group since every member seems committed todoing something towards the success of the group. However, in casesome members do not contribute to the group, some team members maybecome de-motivated and fail to deliver to their maximum. Therefore,in order to make all team members deliver to their maximum, all teammembers must be prepared to deliver in their best areas. In addition,the next year’s group should ensure that each member respectsothers in the group. This will help the group work as a team indeveloping one another.