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TheNature of Drug Users and Drug Abuse

Thereare three key elements needed to be considered in studying andapprehending the reasons of many people who are into taking abuseddrugs. These are the personality behavior of an individual, the kindsof drugs they use, and the background idea of an individual againstdrugs. Each one of them is greatly associated with each other. Thesefactors provide an impact for using a drug and the effects it willhave on you.

Everyindividual has its own resistance against drugs. The effects of drugsdepend on how they cope up with the damaging effects brought by theaddictive drugs they regularly consume. &nbspTaking drugs does notnecessarily means that you are a drug abuse. Every drug has its ownuse, depending on the situation that may arise. To define the conceptbehind drug abuse is similar to those drug users who hardly takedrugs for human pleasure. They are very much profound to the effectsof drugs they felt all throughout their body system. Towards thecourse of the discussion, this paper will discuss and providepertinent information on some of the most abused drugs and how itnegatively affects every individual.

In2007, Frater listed the top ten abused drugs and how it affects theminds and actions of the people. Included on the top ten is heroin.It is a kind of drug being extracted from the opium poppy. This drugwas originally beneficial as it can help cure those who are addictedto morphine, another kind of drug. However, through the modernresearches, heroin then was converted to morphine. Daily use ofheroin can make the users addicted to it. It can penetrate people’smind to become unaware of the things they are doing, like a robotthat just moves without thinking and any hesitation.

Forthe top nine, Frater mentioned the cocaine drug obtained from itsextraction on coca leaves. It can be used as intoxicant for theinternal system of the human body, especially on the central nervoussystem. It can also be used as an appetite enhancement. Cocaine canbe described as those who have high sense of vigor andliveliness.&nbspHowever,it may also cause negative impacts such as restlessness, high bloodpressure, discomfort, increased high rate due to hyperactivity, andeven feel depressed at some time.Moreover, cocaine users are more amplified and addicted to sexualinterest and pleasure.

Thenext drug is methamphetamine, also called as “meth” or “ice”,another type of stimulant drug.&nbspLikeheroin, “meth” can be addicted to drug users. Methusers are infatuated to different things and simple tasks such asreading, playing, eating, or any kind of household works. Preventionof negative effects of “meth” can be done by over-sleeping,eating and avoiding the feeling of anxiety and nervousness.

Nextis crack cocaine, or “crack”, which is similar to pure cocaineexcept that filtration process for cocaine production is absent.Among the several bases used in the production of “crack”, bakingsoda is most favored due to its scent and toxicity content. Otherweak bases can still be used as raw material, such as ammonia forexample. Crack users were characterized as though an individual withgreat satisfaction. Meaning, an individual is satisfied enough suchthat he does not care anymore of the events happening around him.

Thenext one is Lysergic Acid Diethylamide, also called as “LSD”.LSD’s psychological effects differ significantly from one user toanother, relying much on the features such as past experiences andbackground information of the individual.&nbspLSDcan target the emotional instability of a person, becoming moredetached to his own personality and character as a person.

Thenext drug is ecstasy.Ecstasy is common for young teenagers and potential damaging effectsthat it may bring to an individual may include: higher sense ofawareness around the person, the feeling of acceptance, joy, love andcontentment. Through this, an individual may become paranoid enoughto do grave things if those will not be offered to him.

Nextis opium, a type of narcoticdrug. Opiumdrug has similar effect with that of anesthesia, but to a greaterextent. Similarside effects related to other heavy drugs have been described tothose users of opium.

Forthe top three abused drugs, we have marijuana, psilocybin mushrooms,and for the top drug, we have PCP or the Phencyclidine drug (Frater).Marijuana, or Cannabis, isa kind of drug from Cannabissativa.&nbspItis commonly ingested through smoking and it targets the physicalactivities of an individual as well as its way of thinking. On theother hand, the psilocybin mushrooms are fungi that havehallucinogenic and intoxicating effects to human health. For PCP, akind of drugformerly used as an anesthesia, has also exhibited psychedelic andtoxicating effects similar to psilocybinmushrooms.PCP can mainly affect the nervous system of a human body, damagingthe mostly the motor functions of our nervous system such as bodycoordination as well as the regulation of our heart.


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