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Death of a Salesman: A Reader`s Analysis

Anold salesmannamed Willy Lomanwasdescribed as asenileindividual.When the present eventsthat happen to him and to his family, it disappointshim, he hallucinates and goes back into the past, until he runs outof past to go back to, and then he kills himself. Hismain goal in life was to be a successful sales man, one who was&quotwell-liked&quot by his professional career, and more thanthat, he wanted to become a successful father and a husband to hisfamily. Willy had dreamed of materialistic success in life and triedto attain such achievement through his shallow means. Moreover, helacked the ability to acknowledge and see his own faults andattributed his failures to others or events rather than his ownactions. I believed that Willy was more of a tragic hero, who couldhave gained success in life if his ideologies, his personal approachwith the different things around him, and his personal thought aboutone`s success in life was an extraordinary way to apply all thosethings in his personal life and to his family as well.

Hehada wife, who is kind of a pushover, and he cheated on her. Biff, hisson, saw this, and is a crook and spent some time in jail – but theold man had such high hopes for him when he proved to be good atfootball. His other son, Happy, isn`t really happy but enjoys baitingwomen with tales of riches. Inthe end, hewanted to die as&quotThedeath of a salesman,&quot beingsurroundedby hundreds of friends and acquaintances, however,he ended up dying pretty much alone. The old man valued friends andpopularity more than hisown skillsor hisreal personality. He taught this to his sons, and his sonsarenow wrecks.

Throughout the course of the play,there were many cases that music and sound quality has contributed tothe intensity and atmospheric setting of various stage directions.For instance, whenever the sound of a flute was played in a specificpart of the play, the memory of Willy`s father who was then a flutemaker and a salesman was revealed at the course of the story. Thesound of a flute was further connected with Willy`s past experiencetogether with his family. Moreover, the music being described as onethat &quotdeveloped into a dead march&quot allowed its audience torealize that Willy is actually dead already. This permitted theaudience to interpret and understand the current situations thatWilly had involved on the stage.

I have to say that I do like theoverall quality of the play and I do like most of the texts that waspresented on the course of the text of the play. However, there aremany points in the story that I disliked, including the characters`actions and descriptions. To be honest, I didn`t like the personalityand character of Willy. Living in the present by remembering the pastis not a proper way to deal with what you have experienced before.Past experiences are all finished, you cannot anymore bring back whatyou have done before. Yet, Willy must instead make the past be alearning experience for him to live in the present. He must be eagerenough to change his present due to the things that made him strongerbefore. That must be the lesson that he had endured in the course ofthe play. The author himself may be aware of what his audience mayportray to the main character, but the fact that Willy cannot move onfrom the past means something to him. Willy`s actions have madeeveryone lost his presence and individuality as a father and as anormal individual. Biff cannot find a stable career because hebelieved that there was something better still that may come, thesame way that his father taught to him. For me, it is good enough tograb every chances that may be given to us. It is not that you needto wait for what will be the best things for us. Nothing really isthe best choice, it is a matter of taking every opportunities thatmay come to us. We must not instill in our minds that there is alwaysa &quotnext time&quot that will come to us. Biff knows that he is afailure in his own eyes and in his father`s eyes, but he hasn`t doneanything about it. He doesn`t even make a move to make any changesabout the situation he had, nor his actions that had affected hispresent life.

Moreover, the play really is a goodone. One important element that I learned in the whole context of theplay is learning the lessons of life integrity and thankfulness. Ibelieved that Willy had a lot to be thankful for his family and hiscareer as a salesman. Willy spent so much time looking foracknowledgment in various aspects of life, that he was blinded to thesuccess that he had right in front of him. In life, there are a lotof things that we must be thankful of. Even if it is as tiny as asand, life is beautiful and worth to be thankful of. We have ourfamily to begin with, just in the story of Willy. We have them to beas our source of strength in all the obstacles that may come to us.Linda was a loving and a faithful wife to Willy. They had two sonsthat looked up to him despite his mistakes in life. Instead of beingdeceitful with his actions, Will was truthful and faithful, he wouldnot have consider the burden of being guilty and inadequate of hisactions. Life is beautiful, we must cherish everyone and mostespecially, believe in our own actions and strive for a betterperson. Committing mistakes are just mere challenges, learn tocontrol over our own selves, and be a better person next.


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