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PersuasionStrategy Paper

Decisionmaking procedure is part of day to day life. Whether personal or workrelated decisions, one is entitled to making certain decision.Besides the ethical frameworks that guide individuals while makingdecision, there are guidelines or principles that influence thedecision making. In the current context, Gabby is an intern in anaccounting firm. She notices that, one of the accountants –Todd,have adjusted the billing system to charge clients at an increment of30 minutes, while in actual sense it takes 15 minutes to do the taskfor each client. Besides, the optimal rate used by senior accountantsis applied for the billing. Gabby finds out and decides to engageTodd so that she could work out on the billing system and restore theright billing procedure. Gabby should go ahead with the plan to askthe administrator to allow her review the billing system.

Inthis situation, Todd’s job and reputation is at stake. Having beenthe one who had set the billing to this rate, if uncovered, he couldface serious consequences. Todd could lose his job, for committingfraud and possibly face the law for his actions. Losing his job willnot only affect him, but also his dependants. He probably have afamily to take care of, hence losing his job will cause the entirefamily to suffer.

Fromthe view of things, Todd does not care about ethics. He is morefocused on making extra money. By doing so he puts the company atstake, because if the customers realize they have been lied to, theycan withdraw from the firm’s services. In addition, the company canface a serious law suit leading to loss of millions of dollars,besides staining its reputation. Nevertheless, Todd does not considerthese implications. His interest is in his personal interest.Consequently, Todd does not seem to care for his family. Consideringthat his actions could lead him into serious problems, which couldaffect his family directly, he does not value his family.

Todd’sdecision is unethical. It is not right to falsely record the timesfor the clients’ work. As a professional he should be governed byprofessional code of ethics. Todd has a duty and an obligation to actrightfully in his role as an accountant, and should not be swayed byhis personal desires or greed. He should not take advantage of hisposition to exploit clients hence he has no right to act centrallyto what is expected of him.

Todd’sactions are illegal in the eyes the law of the land. In law, thepractice of falsely recording the times and charging premium ratesapplied for senior accountants is considered fraud. Thus it isillegal and may attract legal action. The company as well as Toddwill face serious legal issues in case his scheme is busted. There istherefore no justification for Todd’s action as they will result toserious harm to him and the company.

Nevertheless,Todd is dragging Gabby in his little dirty business. Gabby has aright to do what she thinks is right. As such, Todd should allowGabby to apply what she perceives to be right. Thus should go aheadand take on the matter if she feels it’s the right thing to do.

Thepractice of overcharging clients might ruin Todd’s repute and thatof the firm. This may lead to legal action being taken against thefirm by angry clients, and the company will eventually lose bothclients and money in compensation.

Inanother perspective, Gabby will have to think about what Todd’sfamily will take it if they were to realize that he was doing thingsunethically/ illegally to make an extra income. This would affectthem, even though they may benefit from an extra income.

Gabbyhas an obligation to ensuring that things are done in the right way.In her attempt to do things right, he will have to expose Todd’sillegal and unethical behavior. The results or the outcome of Gabby’sdecision is Todd’s fault as Todd is responsible for his actions,and Gabby is just doing what is right.

Ultimately,it is unethical for Todd to charge clients at senior accountants’rate, yet he is not a senior accountant. No matter his reasons, he isdoing the wrong thing and things need to be done right. Gabby has anopportunity to correct this mess and clear her conscious.

Thecurrent situation places Gabby in a rather awkward position. However,as a professional and being guided by professional ethics, she has anobligation to ensuring things are done right, particularly so when itis in her jurisdiction. Being an intern does not mean that Gabby isnot entitled to pursuing the right decisions. In fact, it is time forher to show her commitment to herself, the people she is entitled toserve and the firm at large. She cannot just sweep the matter underthe carpet. Turning a blind eye to illegal or unethical act makes onean accomplice to injustices committed. To be fair and for justice tobe served, Gabby has got no option but to unearth the fishy dealingsof his colleague, Todd. This may bring about personal conflict, butin the end, fairness and justice will be served.

Mymost powerful and persuasive response to Todd’s argument will bethat, he does not have to charge clients extra time and at senioraccountants’ rates when he is not a senior manager. There is nojustification for his actions, and he should act rightfully. Hisbehavior bears so much harm to himself and stakeholders. In addition,his family probably does not like his engagement in illegal doings tomaintain his work, but at the same time cannot stop someone to dowhat they deem right. The fact that Gabby is pursuing the right wayof doing things at the firm does not in any means imply her decisionto report Todd. She is only doing it since she is guided by values.

Conclusively,the situation facing Gabby is a common place in the businessenvironment. Every day, individuals are engulfed with tough decisionregarding choosing what is right and being loyal to loyal to others.Gabby may be tempted to blind favoritism. Working with inflated timeand senior accountant rates places Gabby at an advantage to earn moreas an intern. But this is not right. I would say that, he decision toseek clarification from the system administrator was good willed andfor the greater benefit of the company. Though Todd may eventually beexposed, and face the full wrath of the law, Gabby’s decision isthe right one.