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Invention Submission v Rogan Case


InventionSubmission v Rogan Case


Inthe case of CaseInvention Submission v Rogan, the appeal court ruled that it had nojurisdiction over the legal issues of advertising campaigns byagencies. The court therefore instructed the district court to vacateits order. This is because under rule12 (b) (6), thedistrict court lacked the subject matter jurisdiction of evaluatingthe complaint(Ringlebet al. 2011). Therefore, the district court should have invoked rule12 (b) (1) todismiss the case(Ringlebet al. 2011). This led to the order of vacation of October30, 2002 in addition to the supporting pinion. Moreover, the appealcourt also dismissed the case and remand instructions according tothe Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 12 (b) (1) (Ringlebet al. 2011).

Thecourt decided that the case was supposed to be solved in thepoliticalarena and not the courts because the conduct of the PTO did notguarantee final agency action. In addition, the PTO’s advertisingcampaign that warned the public against scams in the promotionindustry was consistent with its mandate. The warning type of theadvertisement was as per the rights granted to it by the 1999inventors rights act (Dunfee et al. 2010).Therefore, in consideration of the court saw the circumstances of thecase favoring a political process.

Inaddition, the court declared that a political process was moreappropriate under the circumstance of the case that did not create aneed for a final agency action. In addition, the circumstances in thecase did not have content that is reviewed in court (Meiners et al.2011). Therefore, according to the appeal court, the type of thecampaign is more appropriately solved not before a court of law butby a political process.


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