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Is Psychology a Science?

IsPsychology a Science?

Psychologyuses scientific methods to understand human behavior. In science,research entail various procedure including asking a question.Psychology involves a concern, and making an inquiry into thisconcern by collecting relevant data. After data is collected, it isanalyzed and interpreted to satisfy the research question.

Unlikein other arts that psychology is associated with such as sociology,there is no research conducted to support or explain behavior orphenomenon. For instance, in sociology there are only theories putforth without scientific support. Psychology involves investigatingissues regarding human behavior in a scientific procedure. Thedifferent theories put forth in psychology involve some sort of studyand thus be confirmed. For example the theory of classicalconditioning put forth by John Watson included a research procedurewhere the researcher sought to relate the behavior of dogs when belland meat accompanied each other. Wherever a bell was rung the dogscontinued to salivate even without meat being presented. Thisprocedure can be repeated even today to prove it. Science isverifiable.

Finally,the mere fact that psychological processes involve human behavior isbiological. Human behavior aspects including physical, psychological,emotional, social and environmental are interrelated. This stronglylink psychology to science than an art.

Inconclusion, even though those in hard sciences may try to disputepsychology as a science, or consider it a soft science, the fact isthat psychology is unapologetically a science. It uses no lessscientific method of research to prove or disapprove a claim. Inaddition, human behavior is scientific as it relates to biology, theenvironment and other aspects associated with the human biology.