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Israel-UnitedStates Intelligence Relations

Section1: Introduction

Israelhas one of the most refined intelligence networks in the world thatare primarily channeled towards extracting crucial information aboutthe United States and its neighboring Arab nations. IsraelIntelligence organs collect economic and proprietary intelligenceusing modern techniques such as computer intrusion. The United Statehas always wondered why Israeli has to continue with actions ofespionage to an America a country it considers to be its ally. Afterworld war one United States has always adopted a sensitive foreignaffairs policy because of the special relationship that exist betweenthe US and Israel . Israel is considered by the United Sates as theonly trustworthy ally in the Middle East. Markedly this has notaugured well with the rest of the Middle East nations that feel thatIsrael is used by the Americans as gateway to interfere and spy1.This paper will seek establish why Israel is resolute in continuingwith its espionage on the United States and how these collectionefforts against the US are undermining Israeli-US relations.

IsraelIntelligence Organs

TheIsraeli Intelligence community is made of three organs with multipleagencies. The three key organs are the Mossad, Shin Bet and the Aman.Within the Mossad, Shin Bet and Aman there are numerous agencies thatare tasked with different activities including intelligencecollection research and spreading of information2.The Aman is the supreme military intelligence and is a division ofthe defense Forces of Israel. It s charged with collecting andrelaying information Under its umbrella there are the Air and NavalIntelligence division filed intelligence Corps and Sayere Matkal.Mossad is charged with identifying targets and approving intelligenceactivities conducted by the Israeli Military Intelligence. Currentlythe agency is tasked with conducting secret activities intelligencecollection activities and counterterrorism. The Shin Bet is theagency tasked with the function of maintaining homeland security3.

Foreigncollection has efforts have caused harm to the US in numerous ways.Foreign espionage lead to erosion of the United States militaryadvantages by making it possible for foreign militaries to obtainsophisticated capabilities. Additionally foreign collection effortsespecially industrial information by Israel poses a threat tonational security.FBI views economic espionage actions by Israelintelligence organs to be highly injurious to national security andhas incorporated it in the list key national security threat problemsthat intelligence assets will be directed. Foreign intelligencecollection is divided into three major categories depending on thenature of the information and it use. These are industrial andeconomic espionage and economic intelligence. Economic intelligenceis defined as the spying for commercially useful information such asgovernment information and technological data that may serve toassist a foreign state improve its competitive productivity4.Economic espionage refers to the capability to use secret informationto deceive a foreign state t make t possible to obtain economicintelligence5.On its part industrial espionage is the acquisition of secretinformation from public and private enterprises so as to amplify thecompetitiveness the firms of the state engaged in such espionage.

Israelis culpable of all the three types of espionage. Nonetheless Israeldevotes a substantial part of their secret actions on acquiringtechnical and scientific intelligence from the US. Israel has beenvery vibrant in developing its intelligence organs so that hey mushthose of super powers and more particularly Those of the U.S.A assuch Israel has a vigorous program meat to collect proprietaryinformation in the US. These collection efforts enable Israel toacquire information on the military programs and system and othercrucial computing applications that she applies to reinforce itsarmament industry6.

SectionII A:Examples of Israel Intelligence Collection against the United States

Israelhas been involved in espionage activities against the United Statesfor many years but one of the most notorious cases of Israeliespionage revolved around Pollard Jonathan. Pollard was an Israelispy sent to the United States to establish whether Americans believedin the anecdote that before 1986 South Africa had blasted a nuclearbomb off its coast as a test for its allies. Israel stalwartlybelieved that if the US found out that South Africa had Israel itwould review its assistance on Israel which would have disastrousimpacts. Pollard was a young intelligence analyst who had served inthe US navy force before colluding with the Israeli army where heoffered his services as a spy. Pollard actions were totally contraryto what the Mossad had promised. The moral standards of the IsraeliIntelligence were questioned.

Anotherexample of Israeli espionage on the US occurred in 2000 when IsraeliIntelligence succeeded in penetrating the white house telephone linesand were able o send real time conversation to Israeli for recordingand listening7.TheFederal Bureau of Investigation was caught in disarray when it probewhether the Israeli Intelligence had succeeded penetrating unlistedtelephone lines used by FBI for counterintelligence8.These two classical examples of Israeli espionage on US is a factorthat indicates that Israeli cannot be viewed as a trusted partner.Even with an agreement indicating that the Israeli should not engagein any form of espionage against the US, the country has found itdifficult to shun completely from activities that may put it at crossroads with the US.

SectionII B:Whatcan the US do to Deter Espionage from Israel?

Itis clear that, as long at the US remains the industrial power in theworld, the country will always be a main target, thus experiencingthe exploitation of those countries that need to learn as well asproper from the collected intelligence. This is mainly in terms ofeconomic and technological developments among other notable aspects.Therefore, the traditional allies to the US as well as theiradversaries such as Israel will continue to rise, as witnessed sincethe onset of the 21stcentury with the basic aim of perusing knowledge from its varioussectors. Based on this the US should take immediate steps in orderto prevent future instances of espionage from Israel, and this isapplicable to other activities from adversaries and allies. To startwith, there is an urgent need for the U.S. government to foster therelationship which exists between the government and the privatesector9.This is due to the fact that, they (government) will be able toprevent US companies from doing business or inadvertently pairingwith those foreign businesses which pose a threat to the US. This canbe done through the creation of a highly contentious economicintelligence at a micro-level. For instance, Israel is acounterintelligence threat, thus the US should come up with aneconomic intelligence policy which is aggressive. This policy shouldhave negative sanctions to those ago against it, and this shouldinclude Israel, despite the repercussions which may arise. This isbecause majority of policy makers from the US fear to criticizeIsrael for fear of being punished, thus making it to be a dauntingally as well as unconventional adversary10.

Theother ways this can be done is through increasing public spending onthe acquisition of new weapons systems and training to officersmandated with the role of collection of intelligence in the US suchas the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency). As noted by Oren,it is clear that, the desire to ensure survival through collection ofindustrial and military technologies will remain one of the keysissues which will make Israel not to stop spying other countries suchas the US11.Through improved facilities and improved human resource, the US canbe able to monitor the acts of spying from Israel12.For instance, through further training, it will become easy to knowofficers who are serves as traitors, thus transferring technologiesto adversaries. This is due to the fact that, the number of traitorsfrom Israel has being on the rise, a factor which has significantlyresulted to this loss of information from US. This issue has beengreatly supported by President Obama, who candidly indicates the needto reform the National Security Agency, in order to execute itsmandates in the proper way.

TheUS can also convince Israel to so spying on it, in exchange ofgoodies such as release of people being held in the US due to spyingas well as increased foreign Aid. One of the notable cases includesthe release of Jonathan Pollard (shown in the photograph below) whowas jailed for life after conviction due to espionage in 1987, andsince then, most of the leaders from Israel have continuouslyrequested the US to release him among others13.

Therefore,by using this diplomatic method, Israel can benefit out of increasedforeign aid as well as foster international security14.

SectionIII: Conclusion

Technologyhas opened up countries ad every states wants to a dormant power inthe global arena. Developed States such as the US that have superiortechnology and weapons has become a target to espionage by foreignstates moves towards economic development. The US will continue toremain a target by foreign states like Israel that want to progresseconomically and flourish from the technological, economicdevelopments and secrets of the US.

Thereare notable steps which can be undertaken by the US government, inorder to prevent future instances of espionage from Israel. One of itis the need to foster the relationship which exists between thegovernment and the private sector, because the government will beable to prevent US companies from doing. The other one includesincreased funding to NSA, thus equipping this body with the necessaryskills to fight this vice.


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