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Jealousy and Love

Jealousyand Love

Roderickand his sister Madeline were very close since childhood. Roderick andMadeline relied on each other in making daily decisions. Theyattended the same school and when either of them was in trouble theywould help to solve the problem. Emily who was raised in theirneighborhood attended the same school with Roderick and Madeline. Ingrade 7, Roderick started going out with her classmate, Catherine.Madeline was very happy with Roderick relationship, since Catherinewas her best friend. However, Emily was admiring Roderick and she wastrying to get his attention. Emily usually felt bad seeing Roderickwith Catherine. She started planning how she could get the attentionof Roderick. She found the best way to get to Roderick is to kill hersister Madeline.

Fortunately,she was celebrating her birthday and she invited her friendsincluding Roderick, Catherine and Madeline in her birthday party.Roderick, Catherine and Madeline attended the party. During theparty, Madeline and Catherine started arguing aggressively over eachother’s behavior. When they were arguing, Roderick was drinkingwith his friends from another table. The argument between Catherineand Madeline gave Emily a chance to kill Madeline. Madeline moved outof the party and said she is going home, Catherine followed her toapologize, but when she was slapped by Madeline. Catherine went backto the party and left Madeline alone.

Emilyfollowed Madeline and hit her in the head with a blunt object fromthe back and killed her instantly. She went back in the party and fewmoments Roderick realized that his sister Madeline is missing. Hestarted searching her and found her dead. Emily informed Roderickthat Madeline was arguing with Catherine and that she saw her hittingCatherine. Catherine was arrested and jailed after it was proved shewas guilty of Madeline’s murder. Emily started dating Roderick, butas stated in the William Faulkner`s &quotA Rose For Emily&quot,one’s past does not die, her behavior ended her in jail (Faulkner13).


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