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Evaluatethe civil liberties breached during the Salem Witch Trials. Identifycivil liberties the US government breaks presently.

Thedefendants in the Salem Witch Trials were alleged to be using thedevil’s magic or witchcraft. Some individuals were executed whileothers were subjected to torture because of their beliefs andreligious traditions. Subjecting people to punishment was breachedtheir code of civil liberties. Citizens should be free from tortureand death, freedom to worship their preferred religion and the rightfor free expression. The US government breaches the right to privacyunder the civil liberties code. It is inexcusable to contraveneparticular civil liberties for the sake of achieving nationalsecurity such as monitoring and spying of internet and telephonedata. Just as Ben Franklin asserted, “&quotThose that wouldsacrifice liberty for security will in the end have neither, nordeserve neither,” I do not know the reasoning people use to justifysuch actions.

Paragraph2Abortion response debate

Thefact that abortion is choice between life and death, the subject issurrounded by controversy, which extends to the legislators. Thesupporters of the abortion debate claim that it is liberation forwomen as it gives them a means for getting rid of unplanned andunwanted pregnancies. Nonetheless, anti-abortionists argue that it isa form of killing. From a democratic perspective, abortion shouldremain illegal and the woman has a responsibility to decide on thefate of the fetus, including avoiding legal and safe abortions,despite the fact that she could have ability to pay for the service.According to the Republicans view, women have completely no authorityto terminate pregnancies at any time. This makes my loyalty shifttowards the democrats. However, I am convinced that the democrat’sposition does not concern women aloe since even the father to thefetus in question has a right to decide whether he other shouldterminate the pregnancy or she should carry the baby to the fullterm. In case a woman conceived through harsh means such as a rape,she should first undergo psychological examination by a qualifiedpsychologist. In case the doctor finds it necessary, she should thenabort the fetus. I disagree with the Democrat’s position since themother may require terminating the pregnancy, in case, the mother’shealth would be at risk if she carries the pregnancy to full term, orif the mother has a chronic condition that could be passedgenetically.Paragraph3Voter Registration Laws Response

Althoughthe US has made significant progress in delivering voting rights toall the citizens, many eligible voters still experience challengeswhen accomplishing this right. Some of the groups that mainlyexperience these challenges include the disabled, low-income earners,young persons, military staff, colored communities, and the veterans. The Democrats are striving to make voting more accessible toeveryone since they believe voting is a right for everyone. On theother hand, the Republicans are advocating for a more complex votingsystem as they argue that some people are not eligible for voting. Isupport the Democrat strategy because I believe that everyone has aright to participate in the voting process. The Republicans justifythe necessity for a more intricate system because the present votingsystem allegedly has several loopholes that make it ineffective.


TheAffordable Care Act (ACA) or ObamaCare is a recent health care policythat seeks to ensure that everyone can access cheap health cover forpeople who cannot afford normal health insurance cover. The policytargets covering additional people from both private and publicsectors, which in turn will minimize the burden of healthcare costsfrom individuals and the government. The Republicans are against theObamaCare policy as they claim that it will destroy the US economysince many employers will be force to contribute larger healthinsurance funds for their employers. Others will opt to hire contractemployees so that they can avoid paying their insurance cover. Inaddition, the Republicans contend that ObamaCare is unconstitutionalsince it aims at making health care cover compulsory. I prefer theDemocrat’s proposal since I reside in Canada, which has a freehealth care policy that makes it convenient for everyone to acquirehealthcare policy of his or her choice.


Presently,the Republicans and Democrats are debating whether Medicare should beexpanded. The Medicare program provides federal health insurance tothe senior citizens, persons suffering from End-stage renal disease,and special young people suffering from diverse disabilities. TheDemocrats have been trying to extend Medicare through establishing aninexpensive health care program that would decrease the cost of theprogram. I do not support the Republican Party’s proposal becausetheir objective is decreasing the government’s budget allocation onthe Medicare, as well as hike the cost of the prescription drugs. Incase the Republicans proposal succeeds, the sick will be forced topay higher drugs cost that many people cannot afford. This impliesthat numerous patients will die quickly because they cannot affordmedical care.

Paragraph6Guantanamo BayTheGuantanamo Bay is a prison for hardened and dangerous criminals.Military personnel administer it. According to the internationalcommunity, the facility’s tough environment is a human rightviolation, thus the reason Obama promised to shut down the facilityby next year. However, closing the prison has proven challengingconsidering that the National Defense Authorization Act barsrelocation of Guantanamo prisoners to nations where ex-convictsreengage in terrorist activities. The act states that the officialsfrom the prison require a signed agreement from the country ofconvicts’ origin that they will take necessary precaution toprevent the detainees from rejoining terrorist activities. Althoughthe democrats are dedicated to shutting down the Guantanamo Bayprison facility, the strict legislations governing the prison hasslowed down the process of transferring inmates. The Republicans areopposed to the shutdown of the Guantanamo Bay prison, hence they havebeen pushing bills intended to sustain the facility. On my own, Isupport the Democratic Party’s effort to close down the prisonbecause the prison breaches the human rights code and it is a symbolof an unjust administration.

Paragraph7Income Tax

TheDemocrats and the Republican have been discussing the income tax,which is a compulsory fee that the IRS deducts on yearly earnings ofan enterprise or individual gets in form of income. The key benefitof the income taxis generating income for the central government. In case some people fail to pay levy charged on income tax, IRS canseize their property or resources until they pay all the returns. Citizens are supposed to file their tax returns yearly. The democratshave been lobbying that the middle class citizens should get modesttax reductions, but they also advocate that the rich should payhigher returns. However, the republicans are against the rich payinghigher returns. I also support the republicans because I believe thatindividuals with high-income work hard to earn the income, thus theyhave a right to keep the money. However, I also support theDemocratic Party proposal of reducing tax deductions for themiddle-income persons, as they will leave them with surplus cash,which will boost consumer spending.



Fuelsderived from byproducts of living things or living things erareferred to as biofuels. The first major subsidy of biofuel is energytax act. As the production of biofuel increase the support fromtaxpayers, also increase. In year 2013, United States president Obamaargued that there is likelihood of decrease in biofuel production. Incase, the land used for crops production is used for biofuels, thenprice of food crops can increase. Rather than producing biofuels fromthe crops, people should use decomposing matter available to createbiofuels. Democratic Party supports concept of alternative energyalthough subsidies are unnecessary for this industry. On the otherhand, Republican Party assumes that biofuels subsidies are outdated.Both Republicans and Democrats have agreed on this and decided toremove $5 billion deficit from subsidies of ethanol.


Medicaidis an important matter and there is constant debate concerningwhether Medicaid should receive more funds from federal government,or from state governments based on state specific needs. Democratsview is that majority of low-income earners argue that federalgovernment should retain majority of control according to affordablecare act. The Republicans view that majority of higher-income earnersbelieve that states should govern their Medicaid eligibility,therefore allowing them ability to allocate unused funds of Mediciadto help resolve budget issues like education and roads. Medicaiddevelopment may save both federal and state governments’ money, atthe same time, extending coverage of healthcare to lower-incomeearners. Some people disagree and argue that it is another example ofthe government overreaches and it is upon the states to decidewhether they can manage such expansion. I agree with democratsbecause with expansion of Medicaid, state will manage to providecoverage for at least 17 million citizens who otherwise would fail toqualify if expansion does not happen.