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Joy – What is It?


Joy– What is It?

Joyhas been an overlooked emotion nowadays. In every single day, thegoal to be joyous is often ignored. We are often tossed with our workloads and priorities, forgetting the joyous feeling. Humanity hasoften forgotten that joy is the object of man’s existence – it iswhy we go to work, why we raise a family, why we go out with friendsand families, it is basically the reason why we live. But indeed itis a simple necessity of people. Who would hesitate to feel joy? Joyis an emotional feeling thus it’s an abstract idea – it is astate of mind. It cannot be perfectly describe by words, but onlythrough feelings. It is a sensation on the human body. We generallyfeel good about ourselves while we sense joy. We also feelself-assured, satisfied, proficient and powerful. It manifestsphysically in many ways. One of these ways is the usual jumpingbecause of joy when we found a good news, a success. Joy is also thefeeling when someone laughs with tears. We usually yell with extremehappiness when we’re surprised or heard a strange news related toourselves. Even in silence, we feel joy, commonly on stunning days ofour lives. As simple as smiling would make us feel joyous.

Onthe other hand, joy is not only felt when everything seems right. Wehave the ability to look for joy even in times of sadness. As JohnGreen (35) would say, “Without pain, how could we know joy?” Joywill be more appreciated in times of sadness and pain. It is just inour manner of thinking. At some point, having joy also means knowinghow to find it. This joy can be found everywhere. You can find iteven in simple things like seeing a butterfly on a flower, watchingthe waves of the ocean on the seashore – things like that. We don’tneed to find it on complicated things, in nature itself and even insimple things, we can find it. This feeling can also be searchedwithin ourselves. Doing things that would make us happy, fulfilledand delighted would lead us in feeling joy. Doing things we love notthe things we hate will also help us feel joy. Joy can also beattained through our families. It is good to be home with ourrelatives. Our families has been our source of strength, thusspending time with them can also be a source of these extreme feelingof happiness – the joy everyone wants to feel.

Whenjoy is felt, it is good to express it to other people. Spreading joyto adjacent people around us is a very fulfilling experience. Thereis this fulfillment when you are the source of joy of other people,making you a more joyous person.

Joyis an innate emotion. It is natural to us to feel this joy. Accordingto Jasheway (1), “To deprive yourself of joy in any circumstance isto deny yourself a complete life.” Without these emotion, our lifewould be incomplete. So all of us need this kind of extreme emotionand we should permit ourselves to experience it. It is in our handsto feel this emotion. We have the power to transform any situation toa joyous one. It’s all in the mind.


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