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Kids Theater



SamiansChildren’s Theater


Themission of Samians Children`s Theater is to motivate young generationto create and produce lives through the art of theater.

Inaddition to this, to enhance an inspiring theater, Samians Children`sTheater:

  • Produces and develops a modern specialized theater for multi-generational addresses through folk, world premieres, literary classics, original works, contemporary drama and fairy tales.

  • Employs and works together with much-admired skilled artists.

  • Creates dynamic programs that integrate arts into curricula hence elevating learning processes, language skills, and supporting early appreciation for the arts by promoting literature to existence in our life.

  • It also creates bridges of understanding among cultures and generations throughout the universal voice and timeless and verbal communication of theater`s multisensory approach.

  • It goes on in offering the theater arts lessons and experiences every year.

Listof plays that Samians Children’s Theater Company will produce inthe next season

2014-2015The three smart birds (Musical)

2015-2015Dec The African Tales of the two stupid boys

2016-2017The Karate kid

2017-2018The circumcision Ceremonies in Easters Africa (Musical)



TheTeacher’s Guide

TheTreasure Island

BySamson Smith

Samian’sChildren Theatre was founded in 1990 by Jim Stevens, who is anExecutive

Director.Jim and Michael Brown who were the Music Directors created the eightoriginal musicals that are now touring with thirty teams of MCT Tourperformer and Director, as well as The Treasure Island.


Arriveon time: kindly arrive 30 minutes before the show time. Studentsshould leave their recording devices away from the theater. Alsofollow the instructions given by the usher. Be respectful whenentering and while leaving the theater. Strictly avoid noise whilethe play is going on. Avoid eating and displacing rubbish while inthe theater therefore keeping the theater clean.


Bassdrum: is big wooden drum that produces heavy sound when knocked

Snaredrum: a small wooded made of plastic wires and metal

Assignmentthat the children would do after the play

Whatideas did the students learn after the play?

Whatcan it be done to hence improvements during play performance?


BethRacette, 210.Overture Center for the arts. Lancaster Performing Arts.Over Center, City of Lancaster.OVERTURECENTER.COM