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Lands at hillside farm

Landsat hillside farm

Explainthe history of the lands at Hillside

Thisland was established in the 19th century as both an agricultural, aswell as educational farm. The farm was started by one Mr. WilliamConyngham in 1881 whereby he bought the land where he bred Clydesdalehorse from Scotland. Later in 2005, a decision was made to transformthe centre into a training and educational institute especially onlivestock breeding. The farm is situated on a 412 acre piece of landand acts as a learning institution which handles students on a dailybasis. The farm is a nonprofit making organization and relies ondonations from government, foundations, business and the generalpublic. Visitors at the farm are treated to an education of the farmto get information on the best farming practices possible. The farmkeeps a number of farm animals including pigs, cows, donkey, goatsand sheep. From this group of animals, the farm benefits from thedifferent products.

Explaincurrent farming practices

Thefarm has a number of farming practices which makes it stand out fromthe rest. To begin with, there is the concept of greenhouse farmingwhere plants are grown. There are several greenhouses that housevarious plants such as palm tree and citrus trees. Orchids can alsobe found in the orchid rooms. Another farming practice which can bewitnessed at the farm is poultry rearing where a number of poultryare housed. The farm also deals with pig keeping, goat keeping,donkey keeping, cows rearing and the rearing of goats and sheep. Allthese are for educational purposes, as well as for the provision ofdifferent animal products for retail purposes.

Explainat least 3 green initiatives occurring on the farm

Thefarm has established a number of green initiatives. This initiativeserves the sole purpose of increasing the green coverage at the farm.The initiative project is also in line with farm`s goal of providinga balanced, health foods for retail purposes. The first project underthe green initiative is the establishment of an environmentalfriendly rain garden. A rain garden is designed in such a way that itharvests the runoff water. In addition, the rain garden is supposedto trap chemicals and sediments and prevent them from entering intoan adjacent watershed.

Thereis also the installation of ADA compliant gravel along the pathway.In addition, there is also a state of the art parking which is madeup of plastic papers. This feature is designed to permit cares todrive on it without introducing mud at the parking area. In addition,park also allows for grass to grow from underneath.

Doyou think the farming practices of Hillside Farms can be done on alarger scale?

Althoughthe farming practices demonstrated at the farms are done on a smallscale, they can be practiced on a larger scale. The feasibility ofthe farming practices at Lands at hill side farm is a directindicator of their potentiality even on a larger scale. All thefarming practices demonstrated are practical on a large scale and assuch, can be embraced by large scale farmers who wish to reap thebenefits of improved farming techniques. Although some of thepractices can be quiet expensive to implement on a large scale, agood number of them only requires fewer resources in terms of bothmanpower, as well as the materials.


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