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Large Hadron Collider

The (LHC) is the most powerful and biggest particle collider in the worldwhich was built at a cost of approximately ten billion dollarsbetween the year 1998 and 2008 by the European Organization forNuclear Research (CERN)1. The purpose of this machine was to assist physicists to experimentthe predictions of various hypotheses in both high energy andparticle physics. Mainly, the LHC was aimed at disproving orconfirming whether the Higgs particle and the new particlescalculated by the supersymmetric theories existed or not. It hasseven detectors, each one intended for particular types forresearch2.

One of the current impacts ofthe LHC is that it proved the existence of Higgs particle in the year2013. This has proved particles acquiring mass through Higgsmechanism is correct. It can also be used to explain why everyparticle has mass. Some scientists have argued that the Large HadronCollider is one of the most important developments in modern and thefuture of physics. Physicists believe that the will answer majority of the ‘fundamental open questions’especially basic laws that govern the relations between elementaryobjects. In the future, the may also provide animportant insight on relativity and quantum mechanics and theirrelationships as well as a better understanding of the science oftime and space. It is also important to note the proposed upgrade ofthe experiment, coupled with phenomenontechnological development will revolutionize physical sciences3.


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