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Leadership and Communication

The vision you have can be translated into reality if you equipyourself with proper leadership skills. Leadership is influencingpeople by producing purpose, direction and motivation while operatingto accomplish the mission and improving organizations. Leadershipphilosophy entails collaboration and teamwork in which team membersshare each other`s strength so as to minimize an individual`s weakpoints. Ethics and morality are almost identical. Ethical leadershipis actually a system because it comprises of many values and moralsas well as laws. Ethics are principles that are accepted by rationalpeople. These principles include honesty, fairness, justice to all,being responsible and many more virtues. Ethical leadership modelsethical behavior to the organization and the community at large. Itbrings credibility and respect between the leader and the people, itbuilds trust and leads to collaborations among organizations.

Any leader must have a vision as well as goals for the organizationand the people that he is leading.A good leader can only achievethe goals and vision of the organization if he is focused andpractice spirit of teamwork. The vision and goals must be defined ina clear manner. To establish and build trust, a leader must betrustworthy. As a leader, it`s important that you set an example.Show your team members how critical trust is to you by

demonstrating your trust in them.

Furthermore, leaders should make an effort to help everyone get toknow each other on a personal level. Encourage conversations onvalues, discourage cliques, if you feel that they`re damaging to thegroup`s trust. To deal with change, a leader has to consider becominga an active supporter and promoter of the change

through three methods primary appraisal, secondary appraisal andcoping efforts. Methods of empowering others include training,rotating and changing roles and responsibilities so others can learn.This is benefiting since it gave us an insight of what reallyleadership entails.