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Leadership Portfolio Entry 1




Thefollowing is my mission statement, “To utilize my gift of love andspend time in inspiring my people for a universal significantchange.”

Exploitingthe love I have for the people is important, because I will influencethe employees to work for the betterment of the organization, thepeople and the world at large. Motivating the employees is achievedwhen I engage in teamwork by working at whatever circumstances.Inspiring the employees would enable them to appreciate my abilitiesand as a result improve their productivity, a core principle inachieving organizational growth. Sharing my visions, dreaming big,rewarding employees and showing empathy to the needy will inspire thecompany’s stakeholders to exploit their full potentials for asignificant change.

Inaccomplishing the stated mission, I would target at the employees,customers, mentors and other stakeholders of the company. First, Iwould wisely choose my mentors that would motivate me in the courseof implementing my mission. It is extremely important to conductresearch about the successful charismatic leaders, as well as,holding meetings with them. I would reward my employees for the jobwell done through giving the special holidays, promotions andparticipating in their family activities such as weddings.

Iwould not my customers for granted, for example, if they forwardtheir complaints via the social media networks, I would respond withpolite and promising statements. I would engage other board membersin decision making for the growth of the organization. Incorporatingtheir ideas in decision making is very important as it cover all thefields of the organization. Establishing community programs thatpromote public welfare is very important to continuously promote thestatus of the organization. For example, establishing recreationalplaces, sponsoring the needy to get education and holding publicseminars would promote the company’s name and hence increasing themarkets covered.


Thepersonality traits selected include self-confidence, trustworthiness,and creating the sense of humor. I have exhibited the achievement anddrive motive in leadership. In addition, creativity is a majorcharacteristic in my leadership style (Dubrin 36).

SelfConfidence:I think I am self-confident in the way I perform the tasks in theorganization. As a CEO in an electronic manufacturing company, thefact that the process of designing the iPad devices delayed at first,I was confident enough that the products would still be sold on theright time. The designers hesitated to finish up the projects, but,due to my intervention, the devices were produced late. Despite thecompany selling the iPads late, they still managed to make hugeprofits from the same products (Dubrin 36).

Trustworthiness:As the CEO, I trust the designers with tasks allocated to them. Thetrust I had over my juniors for the past five years had registeredsignificant growth of the company. I have ensured that those workersthat have improved in their tasks are promoted as I had promised themat the end of the last financial year (Dubrin 37).

Senseof Humor:While assigning the day-to-day duties to the workers, I introducejokes that make the workers have humorous moods throughout the day.For the last week, I have joked around with workers as they performthey tasks, and as a result, they laughed and shared various issuesabout the organization. They have been motivated to the extent that,some of them work overtime (Dubrin 39).

Driveand Achievement Motive:After, setting goals for the company, I make sure that in thebeginning, I personally supervise the workers on how to achieve theset goals. For example, I supervise the implementation of the newstrategy to maximize employee performance through human resourcemanagement. So far, the workers have admitted that they are satisfiedand are ready to continue working for the organization (Dubrin 50).

Creativity:Other than encouraging the designers to be creative in manufacturingelectronics, I have contributed to the design of the new brands ofiPods and iPhones. World business leaders have recognized myimaginative and creative abilities in designing products. Followingstruggles to design new brands, creativity has solved the problem andin turn, leading to the realization of huge profits (Dubrin 55).

Farsightedness:I think my ability to identify the possible implications of hiringsemi-skilled workers from China should be improved. Last year I hiredthree software designers who indeed were not experienced in thatprofession. Since that time, minor problems with the softwaredesigned have been reported by customers. I think I should consultthe previous CEO’s in handling this matter in order to developquality software programs (Dubrin 56).

PowerMotive:I think I should improve my lenient approach to the workers becausesome have registered misconducts at the place of work. Acting withvigor and exerting power over the workers seems to be only solutionto the problem. I would spend time with my colleagues to developstrategies that can alter that behavior in order to prevent from longterm implications. The bad business practice would lead to strikesand instabilities in the company (Dubrin 47).

Senseof Humor:So far I have realized am not able to part ways with the workers.Every day, they are up to crack jokes, and some of them even fail toperform their duties due to my leniency approach. I should reduce thetime spent in making jokes in order to recover the already lost manhours. I will consult the psychologists on how to address this issuefor the betterment of the company (Dubrin 39).



  1. 3: It means that I was moderate in express my humorous feelings.

  2. 4: It means am accurate in expressing happiness

  3. 3: I am inaccurately unable to oppose issues raised by others

  4. 3: It means that in the beginning of the meetings am not that emotionally excited

  5. 3: I am neutral in expressing my thoughts in social occasions

  6. 5: I am not bored at all in meetings. I am always upset to share my views

  7. 3: It means that so far I am moderate in appreciating people

  8. 3: I am moderate in revealing my sentiments by crying in social occasions.

  9. 2: It means that I am inaccurately unable to show sympathy to those suffering

  10. 2: It reveals my past inability to express my feelings in open.

  11. 3: It means am neutral in showing anger to my colleagues

  12. 4: It means I am emotionally unable to withstand my feelings when we are with my peers.

  13. 5: It means that I am very accurate in understanding people with much empathy

  14. 3: It means that sometimes I am neutral in expressing my thoughts as well as socializing with people

  15. 4: It means that sometimes I am accurately open in showing happiness

  16. 4: It means that I am accurately able to show love to others

  17. 2: It means that sometimes I am inaccurately unable to show my feelings and attitudes when I am alone

  18. 5: It means that I am very accurate in inspiring others

  19. 4: It means that so far I have accurately revealed to people about my emotions.

  20. 3: It means that I am moderate in frequently changing my moods (Dubrin 74-75).


Theleadership self-assessment accurately reveals my actual abilities toexpress my emotions. The results reveal my relationship status withpeople as well as to me. How I portray myself in official meetings,social gatherings, entertainment centers are well accounted for bythe results (Dubrin 75).


Thetwo techniques used to enhance my charisma include becomingoptimistic, enthusiastic and energetic, as well as, becoming sensiblypersistent (Dubrin 81). In the leadership test performed I haverealized that I am not good in being enthusiastic with other people.Leaders who are enthusiastic usually comment on the job well done bysaying, “good job” and “I like it.” They also do itnonverbally by waving the team members. It is hard for a leader whois not enthusiastic to establish good relationships with the teammembers. In order to enhance my charisma I ought to try out thefollowing actions.

  1. Getting enough rest at night. If I am attending a meeting I should take a shower.

  2. Daily exercises including walking

  3. Take balanced diets in order to enhance your health. To preserve my energy I should not think of the unfinished tasks, because they consume lots of energy.

Inthis way, I will possess high enthusiasm and optimism whileexpressing my thoughts and feelings in a meeting. The fact that I amenergetic will boost my ego, an important attribute of thecharismatic leaders. I chose this technique because being optimisticand enthusiastic will help me prove my ability to influence people(Dubrin 81).

Anotherkey attribute of charismatic leaders is that they are sensiblypersistent. Besides being persistent in achieving the set goals,they, however, alter their mission if the path towards achieving thatgoal will result to losses. In developing my charisma, I would tryout being sensibly persistent in meetings. For example, if we aredebating on issues that are helpful, I would switch on to anotherrelevant issue. In this way, I would grow in the ways of acharismatic leader. I choose this technique because, sometimes onecan pretend to be charismatic, but, end up making losses or badreputation (Dubrin 82).


Thetask-oriented behaviors and attitudes include high performancestandards and adaptability to situations (Dubrin 101). Last month, Iwas supervising the process of designing a product. Since, creativityand innovation are encouraged in our company the employees were verykeen during that process. In the process, some workers made sometechnical errors. The situation turned out to be complex becausethree of the ten workers were new and one was quite young. I had tosupervise the new workers including the young one for them to designput all the required in that product. The situation had never arisenbefore under my supervision. However, through maintaining the highstandards of performance and adapting to that situation, the producthas lately been detected to have less than 0.01 percent flaws.

Therelationship-oriented behaviors include creation of inspirations andvisibilities, as well as, listening to workers’ opinions (Dubrin106). After the introduction of an initiative promoting the publicwelfare, my company has so far increased the sales. The decision ofholding a show on the town’s playground followed after theemployees suggested that we ought to thank the customers. During theshow, I think the fact that I was inspiring them in my speech madethem love the company’s products. It could also because I wasfreely intermingling with the people cracking jokes.


Iread a piece of writing where the CEO of a company uses thedictatorial leadership style in directing his employees. Theemployees were complaining of the harsh treatment by their CEO, poorfacilities, as well as, overworking. As a result, quite number of thelab technicians left their jobs for other companies. The voids leftfinally resulted to low work performance at the end of that financialyear. In this case, I would adopt the lenient and charismaticleadership style in order to allow employees express their opinionsand perform tasks in accordance to their capabilities. In this way, Iwould prevent the workers from striking and ensure businesscontinuity (Dubrin 165).

AsI was banking in a depository institution in town, yesterday, abanker came late and settled in her office. I heard the other bankerscomplaining of her behavior that has even disgusted the manager asthey stated. After a couple of minutes, the manager himself was onher complaining of his behavior. In this scenario, as the manager, Iwould not have hesitated to complain about her behavior as thesewould lead to violation of employees’ right at the place of work.Although I do not tolerate with such behaviors, I would have calledthe lady later in the day, to my office. Then, through theinterpersonal discussion I would identify her problem and try tosolve it. The approach is effective because the lady would freelyexpress herself and then we would look for solutions (Dubrin 165).


Whenasking the employees some questions I found that they were beingchallenged. In order to develop their skills I would involve them inbrainstorming exercises. In this way, I would personally get involvedin a discussion and identify the key problems, which need to besolved. For example, one can notice that workers have lostcraftsmanship because of performing specific tasks for a long time.Assigning the workers with different can help the workers think indifferent perspectives. Although, at first there will be lowproductivity, the workers will be empowered to “think outside thebox” (Dubrin 207)

Sharingrelevant information with the workers is important in empoweringthem. Workers should be informed on the proposed organizationalchanges such as a merger. In this way, they will feel empowered asthey get a chance to air their views in a meeting. It is extremelyimportant to involve workers in decision making in order to achievehigh productivity (Dubrin 207).

Inensuring maintenance of high performance standards, leaders can trustthe workers with the tasks assigned. Leaders should always believe inthe team members’ ability to be successful. Ensuring that workersperform their best though encouraging them would empower theirattitudes towards work and improve their behaviors.


Thescenario is contains two rights where the manager has to come up withdefining moments. In this scenario, it is right to increase thesalary for the average-performing employee since the money would helphis mother who is suffering from sclerosis. On the other hand, if themanager fails to increase the salary of the employee, he would ensurethat all the employees receive equal payments. As the manager, Iwould not give the above-increase increase pay to the man because Iwould be fulfilling my interests at the expense of another worker whowill get below-average payment. Also, the fact that this man asks forthe pay in advance would prevent me from increasing his pay withoutthe knowhow of the other workers. However, I would show my empathy tothe man by giving him a specific amount of my money (Dubrin 188).


Asa software developer at Apple Inc., I was a strict follower of SteveJobs’ directives. However, I wish I had made attempts that wouldhave resulted to significant changes in how the CEO treated us. Ithought I would have met the CEO outside the company’s premisesdescribe to him the proper measures to take for the workers to followhis directives without revolting. For example, I would have urged himto improve the workers living conditions, introduce programs thatcheck their welfare such as holidays. Then, I would have urged himfrequently hold meetings for workers to express their views. In thisway, I would have benefited because the CEO would have adopted alenient approach towards the workers (Dubrin 190). The workers wouldhave loved his new approach and feel comfortable at work, thus,working harder. As a result, the entire organization would progresswithout workers complaining about their situations.

Amanager told me to disqualify some claims made by the insured. Heinsisted that the insured died on a car crash and, therefore, I wasnot supposed to worry about breaching that contract since the man’sfamily cannot execute me. At first, I would have consulted themanager to compensate the needy family in order to avoid litigationof the company. Then, if he insisted that I perform the illegal task,I would do it to preserve my job (Dubrin 193). Although it hurts tocancel the claims, that would make the man’s family suffer, I wouldstill ensure my job security.



  1. 4: It means that I agree that symbols that portray my good works are of more value to me

  2. 4: I agree that I am happy when people appreciate me for a job well done.

  3. 3: It shows am neutral to comments made from my job.

  4. 1: When I help someone I do not crave for his/her recognition/rewards at all.

  5. 5: I disagree that I am not money-oriented while performing tasks

  6. 3: I am not too low or high in participating in charity works

  7. 2: It means that in my childhood I never craved for recognition as other children

  8. 3: It portrays how I want to be rich, but, at the same time, be recognized for job well done

  9. 4: It reveals my extreme desire for recognition and willingness to be known

  10. 2: It shows how I am not up to seek respect from other people (Dubrin 295).


Iagree with the results because, despite my need for recognition, I donot need much recognition and respect from the job well done. Theresults reveal how I dislike strong personalities (Dubrin 295).


In2005, after conducting research on how we can improve the performanceof a computer, we successfully invented how several operating systemscan be installed in one computer. Our CEO appreciated us and gave usgifts and trophies. I felt good about it and in fact my I became moreactive in the company’s operations than I did before (Dubrin 295)


Lastyear, I gave my watchman a motorcycle after he successfully managedto outdo two unarmed robbers who tried to enter inside our house. Thewatchman was very grateful for my gift that he even sworn to serve mefor life.



  1. Mostly False: I like doing research on other fields essentially meant to improve my knowledge

  2. Mostly true: I critically think of the existence of things and get the desire to improve them

  3. Mostly False: I recognize the historical art.

  4. Mostly true: Armed with my knowledge, I am able to defend my positions in discussions

  5. Mostly False: I am not ready to withstand with wrong decisions

  6. Mostly False: I am not happy when people are unable to solve their problems

  7. Mostly True: I am not easily swayed by friends or other people on what to do.

  8. Mostly True: I perform the tasks at whatever circumstances and even cost

  9. Mostly True: I hate to be told or advised on what to do. I believe in myself.

  10. Mostly false: If something is not helpful to me I usually drop it.

  11. Mostly False: Most of my decision are based on my own visions

  12. Mostly True: I hate to plagiarize as I am writing scholarly works

  13. Mostly False: I don’t easily drop my self-made ideas

  14. Mostly False: I love the new technologies in order to get the latest information

  15. Mostly False: Other than my strict rules with accessing information I also love fun

  16. Mostly True: I love brainstorming exercises

  17. Mostly true: I usually come up with solutions when am sober

  18. Mostly true: Although I hate to be told, lately, I have started to listen to other people’s views

  19. Mostly false: I hate to criticize other people’s ideas

  20. Mostly True: Strictness in the delegation of duties results to high work performance (Dubri 319-320)


Theresults of the score of 13 are not true because I manage to have fun,disrespect rules and at the same time retain high level of creativity(Dubrin 320).


Embracingother people’s ideas

Thiswill enable me to develop other people’s ideas in order to improveon my projects. I would enhance my creativity since I will realizethe petty issues not covered in other people’s works (Dubrin 312).


Ishould participate in decision making with other people in a group inorder to incorporate new ideas in my own ideas. Choosing to enhancemy ability through teamwork is helpful because it increases thenumber of ideas and visions flowing in my mind thus enhancing mybrain capability (Dubrin 313).


Lately,I was working in the supermarket as the manager. I ensured thateverything went on normally. To be precise, the real manager had gonefor a three months holiday, and so left the supermarket under mysupervision. In the morning, the workers reported earlier than usual.I think, they did so because I was so persuasive and humorous whenassigning them with day-day duties. I also think that I wassupportive enough to a customer who did her shopping, but, did nothave enough money to pay the bill. I bailed her out from thatsituation. During the three weeks, as I was communicating with myjuniors they were very happy (Dubrin 379).


Dubrin,Andrew.Leadership: Research Findings, Practice and Skills, (6th edition).New York: Cengage Learning, 2009. Print.