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Learning and assessment

Learningand assessment


Introduction:Analysis through the learning stories

Thispaper is generally a “learning and assessment” paper. In thiscase, I will discuss the various ways of learning about something aswell as how to identify the areas that need to be worked on and makesure that they are dealt with appropriately. In this paper I willspecifically discuss about the observation of a child. I willtherefore, talk about learning and assessing the child to know whatthe child likes and what he hates in order to know how to handle him.I will create the analysis from the three learning stories given.

Thechild’s name is Ivaan. According to learning story one, Ivaan, withregards to his sociocultural life as well as strengths and home lifehe seems to be having a comfortable life. This is basically becausehe is happy and has less of what is making him unhappy. This isbecause most of the time he is seen to be happy and ready to do whathe does best. In this learning story, he is seen to be a determinedlearner. He wants to know more about creative arts and does all hecan to make certain that he does. This includes trying some of thepaint with his mouth for the purpose of knowing how it tastes.Another thing which shows that he is determined is that after thepainting activity is set up he moves to the table ready to try them.From this first learning story it can also be noted that the child sbrave and explorative. When asked questions he responds and wants toknow more about creative arts. From learning story one therefore, itis generally noted that the child is explorative and determined.

Fromthe second learning story, Ivaan proves that he is more interestedand enjoys his creative art work. This is seen as he has the idea ofwhat he is doing such as using specific brushes for their specificcolors. He also proves that he is willing to learn because he wastaught more about strengthening his hand-eye motor coordination andhe actually cooperated. In this case, it is clear that the child isready and willing to continue with his creative art activity as wellas learn more of what s expected of him. With this attitude, he isable to learn more about shapes, colors, lines as well as textures.

Fromthe third learning story, Ivaan proves that he enjoys music andmovement. He is in a position to swing perfectly well to the poiduring the music lessons. To be in a position to do this, he actuallymade certain that he had good concentration, coordination rhythm aswell as balance. One facet that clearly explains how much he lovesmusic is that he was in the poi class for a long time and did notshow any signs of boredom. He is seen to be socially engaged withChloe and both of them were having fun. He was also activelycontributing through to his learning as well as exploring more on howto swing to poi and the streamers. From the three learning stories,it is clear that the child is creative, determined, social, ready andwilling to do what makes him happy. In this case, it is clear thatthere is little to do because the child is already active and isready to cooperate. This gives a clear impression that the teacherdoes not have a rough time with him. Strategiesto extend the learning sessions

Withthe first learning story, I will make sure that I implement somestrategies to make certain that Ivaan does not grow into a dull boyyet he is already active. In this case, I will make certain that Ioffer opportunities for the purpose of exploring and painting othermessy play activities. This is so because children like messy thingsand this is one interest I already see in Ivaan. To make sure that Imake his interest even grow, I will create more messy play paintssuch as water play and lux flame slime for him to be happy and knowthat I have his concern at heart.

Withlearning story two, I will actually provide Ivaan with more toolssuch as crayons, chunky pens and brushes. These tools will assist himto continue being more creative as well as expressive. I will ensurethat I give him enough support through providing instruments such asplay props, for the purpose of making improvement in his coordinationbetween the eye and the hand. This will help in making sure that helearns more about the areas he would like to improve in. implementingthis will help me n making sure that I do not lose him along the way.I have already learn about him and I know what is best for him

Fromthe third and the last learning lesson, I will go ahead and provideIvaan with a range of music. This will help him know more about movesand improve on them. In this case, I will help to make sure that Iprovide him with music from various cultures. This will play a roleof imagination as well as more creativity. I will also make sure thatI encourage him to use several musical instruments in regards to themusic he plays. These musical instruments include drums, scarves,maracas and shakers. I will also go ahead and provide him with afriendly tape player so that he can be in a position to explore avariety of music from all over the globe.

Conclusionand recommendation

Inconclusion, it is clear that with the learning lessons Ivaan is onechild who is great to deal with. This is because of the passion hehas for creative arts. He is always ready to do what he wants and isalways interested in learning more. In this case, I find it easy tohandle him because he is always cooperating and the interest that hehas within him makes him understand the things I teach him. From thisinformation, I highly recommend that teachers get to learn abouttheir students. Thus will actually help them in making certain thatthey provide the best services to them (Murphy, 1999). This isbecause through learning them, they will get to learn what they likemost and get to understand how to teach them as well as know what isbest for them. Having knowledge about the students is the best thingbecause through this is easy to determine how to handle them and makethem understand what is being taught. In this case, this is the veryfirst step which ought to be taken by ever teacher. Learning aboutthem and assessing them, which in turn help to have knowledge on howto carry on with teachings. The students should also be taught on howto be ready and willing to learn for the learning process to besimple for them. In this case, corporation from the students alsohelps a great deal. Generally, joint efforts from both students andteachers make learning and assessment processes successful (Murphy,1999).


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