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Naturalgas mining will bring a better turnover on country`s economy. This isbecause an alternative source of energy that is used for powergeneration will be used in the nation thus reducing other costsaccrued from buying of energies the energy that is cleaner jobopportunities in the mining field hence reducing poverty and lastlyreduced demand for oil and coal for electricity generation. It issupposed that natural gas exploration will bring great economic flowto both local and the state economies. However, the state willreflect on some of the environmental concerns related to natural gasmining. These issues are related to production operations and frommethane emissions, air pollution fracturing fluid and land use. Onthe subject of land use, the inevitable impact of shale gas mining isan elevated land occupation due to access roads, drilling pads,maneuvering and parking regions for trucks, transporting facilitiesand gas processing and equipment, as well. Additional probableimpacts comprise air emissions of contamination, groundwaterpollutant due to fluid flows or uncontrolled gas due to spills orblowouts, pouring out fracturing fluid, and unrestrained waste waterexpulsion. Fracturing fluids have hazardous materials, and flow-backin accumulation contains radioactive materials and intense metalsfrom the deposit (Kinnaman pp 1243-1249).

Inconclusion, economy and population continue to develop country`spower demands increasing. In the search to find, satisfactoryenvironmentally sustainable and responsive energy sources all costsand benefits have to be measured and weighed before any conclusionwith consideration to its application can be made. Frackingadvantages are escorted by a few consequential drawbacks. Aconsiderable amount of debate and research ought to determine whetherfracking is an appropriate energy option for any country.


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