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Lennieand George: “of Mice and Men”

GeorgeMilton and Lennie Small are migrant workers on a plantation inCalifornia. George Milton is an uneducated man but intelligent andLennie Small has limited mental abilities but with great strength andlarge stature. George is described as quick, small, restless andsharp eyes with a dark face. Lennie, on the other hand, is meant tobe a follower and described as a huge man with large eyes who walksheavily with large shoulders. They are exact opposite as Lennie Smallis very patient and kind while George Milton is sometimesdisrespectful and mean despite their distinct differences they shareone dream in common. They have a mutual understanding and aredependent on each other as George Milton needs Lennie Small tosurvive. They dream of owning and settling on their own piece ofland. George is portrayed as the leader throughout the story. Georgeconstantly tells of how Lennie`s dream is to touch and tend the softrabbits.

Theauthor John Steinbeck puts emphasis on the mannerisms when he talksabout Lennie Small running over George. The author shows how clumsyLennie is. Lennie`s character is built further on comparison of hisphysical abilities to big animals like horses and bears. The authorobviously does not compare George Milton to an animal at any onetime. George seems to be annoyed at Lennie for his forgetful andchildish behavior. However, being the responsible character, hevoices authority over him and takes control of situations. Theyhighlight how opposite and different they are. George appears tosuffer when facing the reality of the future but Lennie, on the otherhand, just giggles in happiness as he is lost in the pictures of ‘thedream`. In the end, George is just quiet and numb because he is awarethat the dream was frustrated, but he`s got what he wanted byfulfilling Lennie with contentment in his last moments.

BothLennie Small and George Milton adapt differently to life at theranch. George Milton is portrayed as more social compared to hiscounterpart. He can comfortably sit down and have a chat with hisfellow ranch workers, act typically as the rest and even play gameswith them. Lennie Small in contrast is socially awkward as he spendsmost of his time with the animals, either infatuating a rabbit orpetting mice. He seems unaware of his potential and physicalstrength. Despite the shortcomings of Lennie Small and his dependenceon George, it is also obvious to the reader that sometimes Georgerelies on him. They have a strong bond that only death can keep themapart because their connection is strong and their company uniquecompared to other ranch workers.

LennieSmall sometimes gets himself into trouble that only George can helphim out. This shows that he cannot fend for himself alone. George asthe leader figure can obviously fend for himself comfortably butwould sometimes require a hand from Lennie. Lennie plays an importantrole in giving George hope. Most of the time throughout the storyGeorge does not believe that they can own a ranch but consoleshimself with Lennie`s hope it shall come to pass. The author showsthese two men had to stick together because otherwise each would beon their own. The author crafts the two characters in a way that isheartwarming and heartbreaking at times to fit in the depressiontimes the story is set in.


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