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Islamand Christianity have a common traditional and historical connection.They originate from the Middle East, and Christians are considered byMuslims as the people of the book. There are distinct differencesbetween these two religions as well as similarities as I shalldiscuss in this paper. The origin of the name Christianity came fromthe Greek word: Christos that refers to Jesus Christ the anointedone. The origin of the name Islam is an Arabic word that meanssubmission (Giulio 1997). Mohammed is the founder of the Islamreligion and Jesus Christ is the founder of Christianity. It isapproximated that around 1.5 billion people of the world`s populationare Islam followers whereas 2.2 billion people are Christians.Christianity is divided into three major sub-divisions: RomanCatholic, Protestants and Orthodox. Islam has two major groups thatare the Shia and the Sunni. It is believed that these two groups wereformed when there was a major dispute on the real successor ofProphet Muhammad (Kenneth 2000).

Thereare similarities between Christianity and Islam: both believe thatthere is one God the sustainer and the creator of the world that Godsent various prophets like Moses, Elijah, Jeremiah, Elisha, Samueland others, that people should obey the prophets` teachings and theTen Commandments and that Mary mother of Jesus Christ was a purevirgin and so Jesus` birth was a miracle. Both Islam and Christianityaccept Jesus Christ as the official Messiah and do confess thatindeed he performed miracles. The Torah and the Gospel books areacceptable to bear Holy Scriptures by both religions (Abdiya 1980).Both Christianity and Islam do claim that Satan is very evil andshould, therefore, not be followed. Both religions also believe thatthe Anti-Christ will come to earth before judgment day and that JesusChrist will descend from heaven and kill the Anti-Christ. Bothreligions also believe in judgment on the judgment day andacknowledge that hell and paradise exist (Giulio 1997).

Despiteall the above similarities between these two religions, Islam andChristianity have three distinct differences according to theirinterpretation and understanding of the Bible and the Quran.Christians believe that this is a form of three that is the holytrinity: Father, Son and the Holy Spirit. However, there are someChristian Unitarian churches formed by the early Christians thatnever believe in the holy trinity. These Christians are mainlythinkers and examples of such rationalist Unitarians are Isaac Newtona British scientist, Frank Lloyd Wright an American architecture,Florence Nightingale a British humanitarian and Charles Dickens aBritish literature expert. On the other hand, Islam totally rejectsthe concept of the holy trinity saying that, in the factual sense,Jesus Christ was a human being, so there is no sense him beingneither a son of God nor a form of God. According to Islam,therefore, Jesus Christ was just human and not divine. Islamadvocates for his followers to only worship God alone the sustainerand creator of the world. Islam refers to God (Allah) as the creatorof Jesus and the bible refers to Jesus as a form of God (Abdiya1980).

Muslimsbelieve that prophets like Moses, Mohammad and Jesus Christ were onlysent by God to bring the Holy Scriptures to the people and should notbe worshipped either indirectly or directly. Islam has also given themandate for any person to call themselves as daughter or son of Godbecause God created all human beings. This is the point used to showthat Jesus was just a human being, and there was nothing specialabout him calling himself the son of God. Muslims also believe thatangels of heaven are servants of God, not divine and they shouldnever be worshipped because they were created by God. The Quranstates that Jesus Christ never die on the cross, but God himself madeit look that way. It further says that God ascended Jesus Christ intoheaven. Conversely, Christians believe that Jesus Christ waspersecuted and crucified on the cross, died and on the third day herose from the dead and ascended into heaven.

Christiansbelieve that a man is born with the original sin inherited from Adam.The sins were committed by eating the forbidden fruit. The Quran saysthat God already forgave Adam for the mistake he did and that no oneis born with sin as it is unfair for someone to carry the burdens andmistakes of someone else. The teachings of Jesus are accepted byMuslims and refer to the bible as a holy scripture. Muslims believethat the real bible has been altered and tarnished due to manyfactors. Because of this reason, they only accept the bible to onlywhere it does not contradict the Quran. They argue that some versesthat state the truth about the Holy Trinity cannot be traced in thecurrent bible.

Muslimsalso argue that the modern Christianity was founded Romans in theCouncil of Nicea and Paul in 325 AD and that they were inspired bySatan. Muslims say that these leaders in this Council debated andagreed on what should be included or removed from the original Bible.This resulted in lots of the Gospel books being removed and the realmessage brought by Jesus was changed to appease the Roman Empire.Muslims believe that was when Christianity adopted myths and paganreligious beliefs by the Roman Empire.

Islambelieves that Christianity has gradually evolved into a cultcompromising the true and real teachings of Jesus by modifying andadding doctrines that were not there by adding man-made scripturesinto the bible. They affirm these claims by saying that the holyscripture is revealed by God, inspired, and content intended and notman-made. However, Christians believe that Muslims have their own Godand not the same God as them. Christians believe that Muslims adorethe God of Mohammad, Moses and Abraham and not the Holy Trinity.Muslims insists that they only worship the true God and that Jesuscontradicted himself in the scriptures about the Holy Trinity.Muslims claim to be the real and true followers of Jesus Christ,Prophet Muhammad and all the other prophets sent by God. The claimthat even Jesus worshipped God. The Quran states that Islam is theborn religion and, therefore, it is a literal sense for Muslims toworship the creator of the world because the creator knows best aboutthe universe (Kenneth 2000).

TheIslam religion has several concepts that show how the Holy Trinity isjust a controversial theory that defies the laws of nature andmathematics. Muslims believe that the Trinity is just an idea thatwas adopted from the pagan religion of Romans that are calledMithraism. Muslims also believe that the bible has controversialserves about the Holy Trinity. The Islam religion also claims thatthe concept of Adam`s original sin encourages people to sin and sincethey can be saved and go straight to heaven as per the teachings ofthe death of Jesus (Abdiya 1980). Islam religion strongly portraysChristianity as an end product of human corruption that is inspiredby Satan and motivated by political and personal factors. Muslimsclaim that the main objective of the devil is to make people disobeyGod and lead them away from God`s true religion. That people cannotwillingly go into Satan`s ways so instead he makes them do itindirectly without their knowledge. He does this to strengthen theirsense of selfishness and vanity to make them feel like they neverneed God and thereby rejecting his presence (Roger 1980).

Islamreligion also claims that the Jewish Torah that is the Old Testamentin the bible was corrupted and altered by the Jewish priests andRabbis to suit their own preferences. The scribes and the translatorsintentionally and unintentionally corrupted the bible. Finally,Muslims says Satan is a cunning and deceitful businessman. He tookadvantage of the opportunity and deviated away the original teachingsof Jesus to suit his wicked ways. At the same time, Jesus was onearth, the Jews led strayed ways from the ways of God. Satan behavedlike a deceitful vegetable seller who sells bad apples wrapped withgood ones. He inspired Romans and Paul to modify Christianity in away that it looks good but only on the outside. This is the claimMuslims use to describe that Christianity is like a good package ofapples with bad apples hidden inside. Also that Satan wanted hisproduct have the biggest number of followers, and that is the mainreason why he chose to use the Roman Emperor and brand itChristianity. According to the Islam religion that is howChristianity was formed and explains why it has a majority of theworld`s population (Roger 1980).


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