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Autismsociety was founded by Bernard Rimland in 1965 through his book&quotinfantile Autism: The Syndrome and its implications for aneural Theory of Behavior&quot. The society has recorded numerousnumbers of members who has grown from handful parents into theleading source of support, reference, research and information on thespectrum of autism. It is under this society that section 504 wasenacted that deals with education for All Handicapped Act known asIDEA, Developmental Disabilities Act and calling for heightenedautism research. Through these efforts, the autism society has beenin lengthy occupied in an organized change that really affects thelives of people (Grandin, 2011).

Currently,through their countrywide campaigns in creating awareness among theautism societies, more than 120,000 supporters and members haveconnected via various networks even as more professionals and parentsunite together to create a communal voice on behalf of an autismcommunity. The autism mission is devoted to escalating publicalertness regarding autism and day-to-day matters encountered bypersons with autism, the professionals and their families throughwhom they interrelate. They, therefore, share a general mission ofgiving education and information, advocating for services andprograms and supporting research for the autism group of people.

Autismis a complex growth disability that naturally appears during thebeginning of every human being`s life usually the first three yearsthat affects individual`s ability to interact and communicate withothers. Autism is a spectrum disorder that is defined by unique setof behavior affecting varying degrees and person`s difference.Autism`s cause is unknown, and this means if identified at the earlystages, lives can be changed. Persistent fixation on parts ofobjects, lack of make-believe play or spontaneous, lack of interestin peer relationships, no eye or little eye contact, repetitive motormannerisms or use of language and delay or lack of spoken languageare some of the symptoms of someone who has autism.

Overthe past years, the autism research has been working hard so as toprovide good education and good environment for the autism communityby giving them the care needed by every member of the society. Forinstance, there was a scenario recorded about a certain boy calledPaolo who was diagnosed with autism when at the age of 8 months old.Though it was a hard situation for the parents to accept the resultsas they had no means income, the regional center provided them with agood therapist who helped them raise the kid as well bringing inPaolo to a day care where at the age of 4 years turned out to be sosmart and very special. After 8 years, Paolo can hold a conversationwith other, have dreams and goals that he wishes to achieve, and heis a happy boy moving on towards his destiny.

Therole of such firms is to identify such people and offer supportneeded to people with autism. In most countries and in most, in casespeople who have their kids with this effect will hide their childrenthus not being assisted as it was in the case of Paolo whose parentssecured the life of their kid. However, challenges are all over asthis society needs the support from the entire globe so that they canaffect more lives positively. The government through the ministry ofhealth, it should work hand in hand with such groups so as to provideresources needed so that the organization can affect more lives. Asindependent as it is, their efforts will be restrained and limitedthus not achieving their goals and mission.

Throughcampaigns that are creating awareness the government out to be on thefront line followed by the populace of every nation so as to supportthe group. Educative programs can as well be introduced where suchkids who have these challenges be in a position to get skills andknowledge and good education like any other kid. This thereforemeans there will as well be training of tutors who are going to takecare of these kids and ensure their growth is progressing normallyand effectively more than even before. The learning environmentsshould be conducive and friendly for them to adopt.

TheAutism Society has done their best in securing the lives and thefuture of the autism society. They have created a friendlierenvironment through uniting different families by teaming up togetherin order to provide a more comfortable setting for this audience thatis unique. Some of the activities that the Autism society has come upwith films where the autism members watch different favorite filmsthat impact them positively, different games that bring them togetherwhere talents can be picked up, dancing, singing or shouting, walkingamong other activities.

Inconclusion, autism is a community issue that needs to be addressed,taken care of and much support needed so as to make everyonecomfortable in achieving one`s goals and objectives of life.


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