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Lessons from Defeat


Lessonsfrom Defeat

Lessonsfrom Defeat

Inmy opinion, I think we can find our limitations and come up withstrategies to deal with them. This will help us to overcome them andenhance our strength. Everyone has some defeats in his orher life, as well as a unique way to overcome these defeats. Quite anumber of lessons abide from defeat.

First,we can find our limitations from defeat. More often than not, peopledo not have a clear idea of the extent of their strengths or theareas in which they may be lacking (Slim,2009).However, defeat allows them to see their limitations and face them inthe future. For example, my friend always told me that I cannot sayno when the people asked me for help, but I said I can do that, and Ican say no to others. One day, we had a very important presentationon Friday, and we needed to finish our PPT on Thursday. But myclassmate asked me to help her to finish her PPT because she had avery important appointment on Thursday, and she had no time to finishher PPT. however, I was not done with my own PPT, and I knew I neededto refuse her request because I had no enough time to finish two PPTpresentations. In the end, I still promised her that I can help herfinish her PPT. So I needed to try my best to finish her PPT firstbecause I promised her. On Friday, I gave her a complete PPT, so herpresentation had a very high point. I used most of time to finish herPPT, so my PPT was really bad. Even though I finished my PPT, I got avery low point. According to this defeat, I realized my friend wasright because I cannot say no to others is true. This shows thatdefeat exposes one’s limitations.

Inaddition, defeat allows individuals to find a way to deal with theirown limitations. For example, in the TrueNotebooks,the author Mark Salzman had a writing class in the hall. One day, hisstudents wanted to write some things about “busted”.Even though he did not know why they wanted to write this, he stillallowed them to write it. But in the end, all the students wroteabout Benny was a busted. He was really angry about that. Thestudents, on the other hand, saw nothing wrong with it and opinedthat he should not be angry with it. He was unable to make hisstudents to stop writing that Benny was a bastard. He realized he wasreally easy to talk and found it easy to forgive even when he wasreally angry. So in the end, he decided not to come writing classnext time. His students believed that he was joking, but Markactually did not attend the subsequent writing class. His studentsrealized that they may do too much wrong in last class. According tothis thing, Mark found his limitation, and found a way to deal it.This shows that individuals can find the way to deal with theirlimitation from defeat.

Similarly,defeat allows individuals to overcome the limitations and be strong.For example, I got a low point when I promised my classmate I wouldhelp her. Then I realized that my inability to say no to others is mylimitation. In essence, I started to learn how to say no when thepeople asked me for help after that thing. When my classmates orfriends asked for my assistance, I would consider whether itconflicts with my job. If not, I would promise them I can do it. Ifyes, I would refuse them because I cannot compromise on my job. Byusing this strategy, I realized that I not only help others, but alsodo my things in the best way. I have come to realize that “refusal”or saying no makes an individual look more valuable while being a“yes man” only makes one look nice but with no solid character.Indeed, my friend said me she thought I was really good now because Ilearned how to refuse others when I really cannot assist them.Further, it assisted others to improve my character. In essence,defeat assists us to overcome limitations and enhances our strength.

Inconclusion, defeat allows us to find our limitations and devise a wayof dealing with them. For example, Mark Salzman found a way ofdealing with his limitation when his students did not hear him. Thedefeat also will help us to overcome them to be strong. For example,I learned how to say no to others when I really cannot help them.


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