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Letter of Transmittal


Letterof Transmittal


SafeRoads Contractors

Universityof Florida

Gainesville,FL 32611

DearUniversity Bicycle/Pedestrian Advisory Board

Pleasefind attached a proposal describing how student and pedestrians willbenefit from this project on safety through having an efficienttraffic control of buses and cars. The proposal describes thenumerous advantages that this project will yield if you agree to fundit. By agreeing to fund this project not only will you play a hugerole in the prevention of loss of pedestrian lives but also save onhospital cost, repair of road and car damages.

Thespecific objective of this letter is to inform you about the projectcost. As described in the proposal, the problem was adequatelyresearched. There is statistical and literature evidence thatsolutions are required. The proposal states the solutions identifiedand approaches to be applied to ensure success. However, to start offthe project it is paramount that you are informed about the cost tobe incurred in order to see the project through.

Oflate we have witnessed too much accident that I believe ifappropriate actions had been taken would be prevented. Safety isparamount especially considering that traffic is always busy. Ifmotorist were to be provided with traffic light and road signs toguide them when using the roads then I believe that this wouldprevent future problems. The attached proposal gives a detailedaccount of what ought to be done and an account of researchesconducted in the past. The proposal gives a plan of the duration theproject will take and the resources required in terms of manpower,tools and equipment, and raw materials to be used. Upon the end ofthe project, evaluation will be made using indicators specified inthe proposal to determine the impacts or improvements made.

Theattached proposal explains how everyone will benefit from theproject. Additionally the proposal provides tangible solutions to theexisting problem. Because, we kindly request for partnership andsupport from you. We look forward to hearing from you through ourcontact number {GIVE CONTACT NUMBER}


Saferoad constructors