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Literary analysis over dark knight

Literaryanalysis over dark knight

TheDark knight movie is produced and directed by Christopher Nolan. Itsymbolizes the way justice system deals with terrorism. Presentingarchetype as instinctively existing symbol in the consciousness ofcollective human race, terrorism in Dark Knight is a symbol of thearchetype through murder of innocent, violence, mass destruction andmayhem. Government usually presents procedures and laws for betterfunctioning os a state and also to avoid anarchy (Durandand Mary 12).

TheDark Knight

DarkKnight by Christopher Nolan is a modern day action thriller film thatwent beyond the mere expectations is based on the original comic bookby Batman. Nevertheless, it changes the perception of present daygood world to a bad one naturally. Batman as a character in the moviestands for goodness and honesty values while the joker himself standsfor evil and confusion. Both opposing groups are forces to make wittydecisions quickly so as to stop the vigilante opposing from doing thework desired. Gotham citizens are placed in the context ofcircumstances and thus forced to go against the values they upheld inorder to stop the confusion. Many people pursue their values anddreams habitually but still find themselves in the blink of beingblinded from true intentions by the environment they live (Durandand Mary 14).

Inorder to understand the situation that surrounds Gotham citizens, itis vital to understand that they are pulled from one side and put toanother. Firstly, there exists a good side presented by BruceWayne/Batman and played by Bale Christian. He stands for good valuesand in the same vein stands as a hero who prevents him from killingpeople. Furthermore, he believes that the law is there to punishthose who practice immorality so that they stay in the shadow of thenight. The law is dependent on Batman to execute duties that theycannot do legally. Thus, batman makes it feasible for the law to comeeasily across every criminal even when they hide beyond the countryborders. The unlawful acts that Batman encompass him with are hiddenby his own bright light. For example, there are many instances thatshow the goodness of Mr. Wayne underground office presents his superheroism by having a ceiling with pure white bright lights.Conversely, there is no other part in the movie that shows suchlightings. In the same vein, the Batman bright light on the buildingtop symbolizes the good surrounding the city. When the light shines,many criminals try to guess the crimes they have done (Durandand Mary 17).

Lightingin the scenes allows the audience to reconnect with the actionpresented. Lighting is electrical with use of fluorescent lights andlamps. For example, the lighting within the room of interrogation ispresented in darkness, with a lamp and fluorescent lighting the room.The face of Gordon is half in the shadow symbolizing that he ishiding something from the joker and the audience. Conversely, theface of Joker is in the lightings yet in one way altered in the dimlight, thus creating a harrowing image this converse shows thatJoker is not a liar. In one instance, Batman enters and there arefull lightings allowing the audience to see his presence. Fulllightings are contrasted by the office lightings which endure inlamplight. This signifies that people within the office are presentedin the dark to what is in the interrogation room thus important inthe scene.


Themovie the Dark Knight is a symbol of terrorism in our modern dayworld. It is an action thriller movie that presents the originalcomic by Batman. The whole aim is to change the aim and theperception of modern day good world to the word of villain. Batmanrepresents the better world while the joker represents evils andchaos.


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