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Logical Errors




Accordingto Teresa, she was not as happy as her colleagues were because shewas not dedicating as much time to attending parties. She was feelingdepressed and home sick. After investigating what was making hercolleagues happy, she decided to be attending as many parties as hercolleagues in order to overcome the homesickness, depression, as wellas stay happy.

Froma scientist’s point of view, Teresa made a logical fallacy.Hermain objective is investigating things that can help her to overcomedepression and homesickness. Since her colleagues are happy andrelaxed all the time, she discovered that her friends do dedicate alot of time attending parties. She concludes that she can alsobecome happy through attending several parties as her colleaguesadvised her.

Oneof the main errors that Teresa made when coming up with a diagnosisis thinking that the things that were making her colleagues happywould work for her, yet she was different from them. In many cases,people who come from different backgrounds, race, ethnicity, andgender have different tastes in life. On the same note, she couldhave been suffering from underlying disease that could be making herunhappy. For example, perhaps she did not have friends with similarinterests to her. Second, Teresa assumed that the things that weremaking her colleagues happy were also applicable on her. This ismisleading because she is completely different from her friends.Fourth, attending frequent parties was only a temporary solutionsince it was suppressing the problem instead of addressing it. Froma scientific perspective, the parties would temporary suppresshomesickness and depression. The moment the patient will stopattending the parties, the problem will comeback.