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Love in Orange Poem by Garry Soto


Lovein Orange Poem by Garry Soto

Lovein Orange Poem by Garry Soto

Lovedescribes a warm feeling of passion that develops between individualswho are attracted to each other. The feeling of warmth and passionmotivates people to care for&nbspeach other, as well as do nicethings to the people they love. Perhaps the love is the greatestfeeling possible by human beings as it erases moments of pain andsuffering even if it is temporarily. Essentially, the feeling of loveand a strong emotional attachment can develop between parents andtheir kids or among siblings. In the same vein, the same can developbetween friends or people who help one another in various situations(Soto &amp Jenkins, 2009). Different from the categories of lovedescribed above is the most beautiful and interesting love, achildhood love, which is bound by honesty, openness and passion. Thislove is featured in Garry’s poem, Orange, and this paper&nbspwilldiscuss love (Gallagher,2004).Garry managed to demonstrate the beauty of childhood love using acouple of characters as the poem brings out the glimpse ofadolescent memories and fantasies. The paper will explore the conceptof love in the poem as it is demonstrated, by the author.

Itis hard to imagine that anything can flourish and survive the harshand cold winter season. There is snow everywhere and everything isfreezing cold, but the warmth of love stands unshaken by thedevastating weather. The character in&nbspthe poem was, for thefirst time, experiencing the exciting feeling of love, which was newto him (Lown et al, 1996). The exciting moment of new love is whatGarry brought out, so perfectly, in his poem “orange.&quotEssentially, the intense feeling of love is produced in the poemthrough the employment of symbolism, tone, as well as contrastingimagery.

Tobegin with, symbolism in the poem is employed to demonstrate thepower and influence of youthful passion and love. The narrator wascarrying oranges, two, inside the pocket of his jacket. The orangeswere weighty and they were weighing the narrator down thussymbolizing that his love for the girl was overwhelming andoverpowering him (Parini,2004).The weight is enhanced by the powerful emotional feelings of love tothe girl, as well as the anxiety of wondering whether the girl willrespond positively to the love of the narrator. Apparently, one canonly hope that his love for a girl will be welcomed, or else thefeelings of rejection will follow the entire attempt of opening upfor a girl. The situation is similar to countless crushes we had asyouths&nbspthough most of those crashes did not last long.

Alsomentioned in the poem is a row of trees, which were newly planted.The idea of the trees being “newly planted” represents the newlydeveloped&nbsplove between the narrator and the girl. Further, thereis the hope the trees will grow to maturity and provide home forbirds, shade and fresh air, as well as add lots beauty to theneighborhood (Lown et al, 1996). People who love each other make iteasy to maneuver difficult situations in life. A lover provides shadefrom scorching emotional breakdown and beauty in the life of anindividual similar to trees.

Furthermore,the narrator mentioned the narrow aisle that was made of goods in thestore. An aisle represents the process of a wedding as the bridemakes the memorable journey down the aisle to tie the knot of loveand passion. “We entered, the tiny bell bringing a saleslady down anarrow aisle of goods.&quot A wedding is supposed to be the ultimateproduct of the love between the narrator and the girl.

Asthe poem comes to an end, the narrator mentions fire that was intenseand bright to represent the magnitude of the love he had for the girl(Soto &amp Jenkins, 2009). The fire of passion was burning in theheart of the narrator to the extent that no barrier would havehindered him from loving the girl of his life. The narratoremphasizes the intensity of the love by saying that “The poem endsby saying, “I peeled my orange that was so bright against the grayof December that, from a distance, someone might have thought I wasmaking a fire in my hands (Parini, 2004).” In a word, adolescentlove is nothing short of a burning fire that illuminates the lives ofthe lover as it is demonstrated by symbolism.

Thenext focus will on the portrayal of love feelings in adolescentsusing contrasting imagery. The narrator uses the entire initial linesin the poem to give the audience a strong sense of the unfavorableweather conditions. The day was cold and grey, but this iscontrasted with the introduction of oranges that were brightlycolored. The image of oranges brings brightness and happiness in themidst of gray fog and mist (Parini, 2004). The contrasting imagery inthe poem proves that love can thrive in any condition. Oranges areconspicuous because of their sweet taste, as well as the bright colorof their cover. The brightness can be identified from a distance andone can pick them from far from other fruits. Similar to the orangeone could pick out the love of the narrator to the girl from otheryoung people (Soto &amp Jenkins, 2009). Further, the face of thegirl that the narrator was admiring had a bright face, which isdirectly contrasted to the cold grey weather.

Despitethe cold weather of the day, the girl could still manage a brightsmile of happiness and&nbspwarmth. In the same vein, it is mentionedin the poem that the girl kept the lights of the porch in the houseon at all times and weather (Lown et al, 1996). This is the constantand undying love between the two youths that does not change withseasons or weather. Love should be unconditional and be givenabundantly as it is assumed by believers that God loves humansunconditionally.

Finally,oranges are employed to set the tone of the poem. Kids narrate theirstories with honesty and naivety through use of simple words. This issimilar to childhood love, which is usually open an honest. Thefeelings of love that kids portray are simple and pure as they lackother complicated aspects as attitude and bad memories. The simpletone is helpful to the audience and the readers as they make it easyto comprehend the unsophisticated love, passion and feelings ofadolescents. As has been noted in the entire paper, the key theme ofthe poem is the love, particularly childhood love, which is expressedin all manner of ways possible. Love is a wonderful thing thathappens to most humans at some point, in their life. It is out oflove that people live in harmony and peaceful coexistence.




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