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Low Cost Jobs in Virginia Beach

LowCost Jobs in Virginia Beach

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LowCost Jobs in Virginia Beach


VirginiaBeach is a city situated in the State of Virginia. As of 2013, thereare over 448,479 people residing in Virginia Beach ( Census.gov,“Virginia Beach, Virginia”). Virginia Beach is considered aresort city with beaches and hotels, restaurants, and motels alongthe oceanfront. Every year, Virginia Beach hosts the renowned EastCoast Surfing Championships and the North American Sand SoccerChampionship which is a beach soccer game. In addition, VirginiaBeach houses various state parks and historic sites. The majorindustries in Virginia Beach are Agribusiness, defense, and tourism.At present, unemployment rate in the city is at 5.9% while the jobgrowth is 0.8% per year (Forbes, “Virginia Beach”).

Thispaper presents a comparison of the rates of different low-wage jobsin Virginia Beach namely bookstores, convenience store cashiers,stockpersons, restaurant servers, cooks, and fast food stores.

A.Bookseller in a Bookstore

Abookseller in a bookstore is someone who has passion for books andhas strong customer skills. A bookseller also possesses goodcommunication skills. A bookseller has the responsibility of greetingevery customer that goes to the store and offer immediate assistance.A bookseller also explains any type of promo that the bookstoreoffers. The typical starting salary of a book seller is $18,000.

B.Convenience Store Cashier

Aconvenience store cashier is responsible in cleaning the shelves aswell as merchandising. A cashier is responsible for the cash registerand must be a multi-tasker. In addition, a convenience store cashiermust be excellent in Mathematics. A cashier in Virginia Beach earnsan hourly rate of $8.48. The average yearly salary of a conveniencestore cashier is $15,000.


Astockperson is someone responsible in accepting delivered packagesand ensuring proper amount. A stockperson also unloads merchandiseand marks items with codes such as stock, price, or inventory controlcodes. A stockperson stocks shelves with items that are unpacked andensures that they are all labeled clearly and visibly. In addition,stockholders help customers fill their order and complete customersmail, phone and web orders by retrieving the merchandise that hasbeen ordered. Having done so, the stockperson computes the totalamount of the merchandise and keeps the records of sale. Astockperson also prepares the merchandise for delivery or shipmentand replenishes the inventory. After the delivery, the stockpersonensures that the customer received the ordered product and replacesthe products in case they are missing or damaged. The average salaryof a stockperson in Virginia Beach is $11,000.

D.Restaurant Servers

Responsibilitiesof a restaurant server vary depending on the business. Nonetheless,in all cases, the primary duty of a restaurant server is to offergood customer service, deliver food, and take order. In majority ofthe situations, the restaurant servers are also expected to answerany query that the customer has on the menu. They work with the waitstaff and the chef to ensure that the restaurant operates properly.In high end restaurants, servers perform a big part in the customers’dining experience. They also provide recommendations and suggestionsincluding wine pairings. They assist in personalizing the meal andthe service is more formal and attentive. Other responsibilities of arestaurant server include processing payment, greeting the customers,cleaning tables as well as dining area, and setting up the tables.The average salary of a restaurant server in Virginia Beach is$17,000.


Forthis job, a fast food cook salary was surveyed. A fast food cook hasthe responsibility of maintaining sanitation safety standards, andhealth in work areas. Fast food cooks also cleans the areas wherefoods are prepared and verified that prepared foods are able tocomply with the requirements for quality as well as quantity. A fastfood cook packages food such as fried chicken and hamburgers whichare usually prepared and served while warm. They read food orderslips or obtain verbal instructions in order to prepare the orderedfood. Fast food cooks also operate in large-volume cooking devicesuch as deep-fat fryers, grills, or griddles. They measure theingredients necessary for certain food item preparations. They alsotake drinks and food orders and obtain payment from customers. Theystock, clean, as well as restock work areas and other display cases. Fast food cooks also ensure that they cook the right number of itemsthat the customers ordered and they also work on varied orders all atthe same time. They wash, slice, and prepare the foods that have beenassigned for them to cook. The average salary of a fast food cook is$21,000.

F.Fast Food Store Worker

Fastfood workers are considered to be the initial and primary contactbetween the people and the fast food business. Fast food workers areresponsible in making sure that the customers are satisfied with theservice. They resolve any complaints that the customers may have andaddress the comments or queries rendered by the customers. Fast foodworkers also do various tasks such as taking orders of the customers,gather the orders, and work as cashiers. Fast food is served byworkers through the windows or over the counter. In some instances,fast food workers also make or prepare fresh coffee. They replacecondiments and supplies and maintain the inventory prior to takingorder. They also ensure the cleanliness of the place and the foodservice areas in particular. Fast food servers also notify kitchenstaff of food shortages or food orders. Some employees in fast foodrestaurants have other responsibilities such as preparing colddishes, operating equipment for cooking, and preparing beverages. Theaverage salary of a fast food server is $19,000.


Ofthe six low-wage jobs, the stockperson’s salary is the lowest withonly $11,000 while the highest paid among the low-wage jobs is thatof a fast food cook. Following the salary of the cook, a fast foodserver’s salary comes next with $19,000, then the bookseller with$18,000, the restaurant server with $17,000, and the conveniencestore cashier with $15,000. However, it must be noted that the salaryof these workers actually vary depending upon their employers. Thesalary of the workers is within the discretion of a store manager. Insome instances, bookseller’s salary exceeds the salary of a cook ora stockperson’s salary exceeds the salary of a fast food serverdepending upon the business or establishment that hired them, theirlength of service in the company and other incentives or fringebenefits that their employer’s offer.


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