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Lyndon B. Johnson


LyndonB. Johnson

LyndonBaines is one of the most significant individuals in the civil rightsmovement. Although he has some distracters that believe that he wasan unprincipled politician that wanted to take advantage of the“black vote”, Johnson claimed to be a focused politician thatdreamt of making America become a great society. Both prior to hispresidency and after taking over the presidential position, Johnsontook a significant part in the civil rights (Faragher et al, 2009).

BeforeJohnson becoming a president, he participated in the civil rightsmovement by showing care to the minorities. Johnson’s care for theminorities commenced in 1928, when he received his job as anelementary teacher (Lerner,2012).Here, he encouraged the minorities that came to adore him. During theepoch of the Great Depression, he worked on the National YouthAdministration, which was one of Roosevelt’s New Deal Agencies.Johnson made significant efforts in alleviating black unemployment.When he became a congressman, Johnson considered employingSpanish-American in order to depict appreciation to his Mexicansupporters (Lerner,2012).The motive of Johnson supporting the civil rights movement waschiefly due to political gain. By supporting the civil rightsmovement, Johnson was targeting the “black votes”. However, thesupport was also for economic gain. This is because he wanted theSouth to be free of racial tensions that kept away investors(Faragher et al, 2009).

Afterhe became president, Johnson had a motive of creating a “greatsociety” that was free of racial injustice and poverty. Therefore,he saw it significant to support the civil rights bill. He wasconvinced that it was morally wrong to discriminate, and since hewanted to change this, he appended the 1964 Civil Rights Act and 1965Voting Rights Act (Lerner,2012).


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