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is an illegal drug in most states of America. It is smuggled in thepoor state of California despite its ban and has raked a lot ofmillions to the smugglers. There are a lot of debates if it’s to belegalized or remain illegal though a lot of Americans feels it shouldbe legalized.

Concerningthe video, the marijuana growing is always in progress and manypeople are involved in it despite its illegalization. Many peoplesmuggles it from one state to another and the law enforcementsauthorities have not been fully able to fully cease this actionssince many cases of smuggling goes undetected. According to myopinion, the police mentioned in the movie get pay checks in order toget rid of the drug and the smuggling will go on because they will door say anything to maintain the acquisition of pay checks since ifthe war on marijuana is won, they will lose a lot of money or paychecks they usually enjoy from the job (Trish,par).

is referred to as a public order crime or victimless crime by manypeople. This is because apart from health risks, the marijuana seenas a drug closely related to crime. It is addictive and as the druglevel increases, the criminal activity also increases. addiction is an expensive habit. A high percentage of crime in regardto properties is committed for marijuana or drug money. As a resultits abuse is a main factor in domestic chaos among members of thefamily. In addition, as people get addicted, they initiate a drugdealing activities like crime and get encompassed with trafficking ofdrugs, its manufacture, and sale or purchase of marijuana. causes mental disorders and respiratory disorders when abused orsmoked every day. It causes short term memory in the victims andsince it is a plant, it should never been mistaken as a healthy plantsince all plants are not healthy.

concepts needs to be addressed appropriately since this is an issuewhich needs to considered critically. The drug needs to be legalizedbecause of a number of reasons. It can be legalized but the victimsneed to be acquainted of the side effects of it or the excessive useof it. It’s currently illegal but it is gotten in black market. Thedrugs dealers are seriously raking millions by selling the drug toyoung children. It needs to be legalized and taxed and controlled bythe federal government so that the government also benefits apartfrom the smugglers. It will still be grown and made available despiteits illegality.

laws are really hectic to law enforcement units and it is almostunattainable. The laws should be amended to permit its use and comeup with measures to ensure the drug is not abused or sold to theunder age. Many millions of money is wasted by police or in criminaljustice system in fighting the marijuana uses and related matters bycitizens. Instead this money should be used to better the economy andthe poor in the society through provision of education,infrastructure, health care, and other social amenities. In additionthe drug can be taxed in order to generate the much needed revenues.

Inconclusion, the marijuana use needs to still be researched on byscientists to ascertain its uses and the benefits to the economy ofCalifornia. Fighting it has led to lose of a lot of money and issimilar to fighting a losing battle.


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