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MarketAnalysis “The Matrix” Trilogy


Themovie trilogy “The Matrix&quot is a dazzling set of cyberadventure films which are full of action. The trilogy contains &quotTheMatrix&quot released in 1999, &quotThe Matrix Reloaded&quotreleased in 2003 and &quotThe Matrix Revolutions&quot released in2003 (Keuchler, 2010). Each of the movies in the Trilogy is full ofexcitement that retreats to a thrilling battle between a team ofprogrammers and agents. The plot of the Trilogy focuses its themesand presentation on a basis of postmodernism. In the real world, acomputer programmer who works as a hacker gets contacted by a crewthat introduces him to a postmodern reality (Kasavin, 2005). The plotof the Trilogy develops as the team engages in understanding thefight by human beings against intelligent machines (Wachowski, 1999).In all, the movie in the Trilogy, postmodernism seems to have takenover the worlds represented in the plot as they live as per theircontemporary programming (IMDB, 1999).

STPanalysis: “The Matrix” Trilogy

Segment Name

Target Group



Media Particulars

Cyber Punk

Segment targets IT experts cyber crime lovers

The marketing targets IT experts and technovators.

Directed to young tech-enthusiasts of 18 to 40 years.

Also targets Cyber Sophisticates.

It therefore involved illustration of the expertise of the characters in the movie. The marketing also targets Young viewers in Developed Countries. The main adverts illustrate how smart people can be when they control the cyber space as illustrated by Neo, one of the main characters (Vary, 2011).

Marketing uses strong visual media like trailers and adverts. The matrix advertisements illustrate its cyber punk contents.

Media coverage of the movie’s marketing invokes imaginary pictures and the perception of cyber expertise.

Crime and Security

Targets lovers of spy movies, crime and investigations, advanced cyber crime and good vs. bad principle.

Young movie lovers

American population that loves Spy movies.

Targets demographics of 25 to 50 years, the young but mature.

Also directed to satellite lovers and seniors.

The marketing focus is to sell the movie as a crime and spy movie.

Adverts of the movie include cyber experts in collaboration with security agents.

The movie involves antagonism against the bad, to control the matrix

Advertising pictures on TV. Use of banners in online platforms.

Media positioning inclines the movie to a crime and security agent’s type of a movie.

This achieves to present the movie to the segment as a crime vs. security agents film.

Drama Thriller

Drama thriller lovers,

Adult movie lovers

The trilogy targets lovers of drama thrillers that involve action to develop the plot.

Adverts directed to all ages except age below 10 years and above 70 years.

The third movie, “The Matrix Revolution” presents contains heart-stopping drama that is intertwined in the action between the antagonists

The marketing of the three movies presents a consistent story line that depicts drama.

The last movie illustrates action based on a plot.

Science fiction

Lovers of fictional science,

Young movie lovers, 15 to 35,

Young middle age and rich kids

Fantasy world Lovers

Advert show the inexistent location and inexistent characters.

The entire trilogy bases its plot on the non-existent world.

Focuses the events and imagination on the fictional world with high technological advancements, the cyber world.

Video games for young fictional science lovers.

Printed T-shirts with the Trilogy pictures.

The media focused on trailing the developments of the science fiction from the first movie to the third.


Lovers of super-human action films,

Involves super-human acts in all the movies in the trilogy.

Adverts directed at young demographics of 10 to25 years.

Invokes the imagination of the audience to the super-human life

Use of video games to popularize the movie.

Cartoons and caricatures designed to look like the characters.

The directors placed their trailers based on the super-human acts of the actors in the trilogy (Youtube, 2007).

MarketingCampaign, “The Matrix” Trilogy

Themain element of marketing for the trilogy was the simultaneousrelease staged in the world for the movie. In addition to the qualityand creativity of the trilogy, the marketing was simultaneouslystrategic, 80 locations worldwide (Scotsman, 2003). The success ofthe first movie became the first element of marketing that left themarket demanding for more of the brother’s work. To settle themarketing success, the brothers directed the movie into a trilogy andreleased the next two movies, four years later. In addition, themarketing campaign also used word of mouth indirectly by releasingtrailers and rumors of a new movie just as they are currently doingfor the next release soon (ING, 2014).

Thecampaign involved the use of the television and the internationalmovie agencies to advertise the movie. The marketers of the movieincluded trailers and catchy messages in the television adverts. Inaddition, they used radio to pass the message to low-end movielovers. The adverts were scheduled at times when people were in thechannel of communication such as evening prime times in thetelevision. According to Lyman (2003), the production of the matrix,cost $127 million and marketing cost of $110 million for a combinedcost of $237 million. After release, the first movie earned a grossof $460 million, in addition to a worldwide fan base (The Scotsman,2003).

Thetiming of the release of the movie was part of the marketing strategyof the entire trilogy. Two years after the success of the firstmovie, “the Matrix,” the Warner brothers released the secondmovie “The matrix Reloaded” which was followed by the “TheMatrix Revolution.” This timing led to the overall success of themarketing campaign (Holman, 2003). In addition, the marketinginvolved using major international media houses such as CNN and BBC.Therefore, they used various forms of market models by incorporatingthe video in both DVD and blue ray formats (Oreck,2001).This led to a successful marketing franchise of the matrix brandname.

MarketingCampaign Analysis: The Game of Thrones

Premieredon the Orbit Showtime Network Television in the United Arab Emirates,the Game of Thrones is an American TV series that airs globally(Winteris Coming, 2011).The show is consistently marketed globally, which makes one of themost globally aired programs (Hibberd, 2010). The marketing of theprogram is organized through the series of the TV show in seasons.Currently, the next season is expected to air in the Orbit ShowtimeNetwork television later in the month of April (OSN,2014).The marketing campaign of the TV show is continuous since the TVseries is continuous.

Themarketing campaign was carried by the respective media houses thatair the series to its audience. Once licensed to air the show, localTV stations such as the Orbit Showtime Network in the UAE. Theschedule of the TV advertisements ranges from time to time since theyare specific to the schedule of the local TV stations (Goldberg,2011).The marketing campaign cost between $5 to $10 million, while theentire budget for the whole series cost between $50 and $60 million(Hibberd, 2010). In revenue returns, the TV series became among thebest selling programs with a $2.5 million worth of revenue perepisode aired (Szalai, 2011).

Inaddition, the marketing campaign of the TV series used a range ofmerchandise that was aimed at promoting the brand name of theprogram. In addition, the merchandise also generated income for thefranchise owners. Moreover, the TV series included a model of fourvideo games that promoted the series (Kain,2012).As part of the marketing, the novel “A Song of Ice and Fire”adopted the concepts of the TV series (Scott,2014).These marketing campaigns have seen the fan base of the TV program toover 14.2 million viewers globally on its third season.


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