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TheTheme of Tradition versus Modernity

Inthe “Rose for Emily”, the theme of tradition versus change iswell depicted through Emily Grierson, who tries to maintain traditiondespite the changing world (Faulkner 22). Although Emily would liketo encounter a man that can be called her husband, she is not readyto lose her tradition. In fact, she holds on to the tradition, suchthat, she can only fall in love with a man, who also holds to thetraditions. This is depicted by her encounter with a man that reallyvalues modernity although the man was somehow holding to sometraditions, Emily could not agree. In her heart, Emily has a hatredfor individuals that indulge so much into modernity.

Incase Emily does not change her philosophy on modernity and tradition,she is going to remain unmarried since there are exceedingly fewindividuals in the society that hold completely to their tradition.She should look at the changes that are in her community in order tounderstand what she is getting herself into staying the same wouldnot help her, but would instead drive her to problems since no onewould like to have a relationship with her. For instance, her sisterhas embraced modernity and has met the man of her dreams due toembracing the changes in her community. Since her sister is youngerthan her, Emily still holds to the tradition that she needs to firstget married so that her younger sister follows her steps. However,her sister could not let tradition bind her since according tomodernity, one can get married provided she has reached the marriageage. This has worsened the relationship between Emily and her youngersister. In case Emily continues to hold strongly to her tradition,she will die a virgin.

Onthe other hand, Emily will only be helped by her father and mother,who have already adapted to modernity despite their knowledge ontraditions. Her parents seem to seek the Usher family in an attemptto make their daughter become married to Roderick. Roderick iswilling to find love from any girl, which indicates that he is readyto take Emily as a wife. However, the plans become thwarted byMadeline, who does not want to see Emily near Roderick. This makesEmily turn to her gods for intervention.


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