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Onlast week’s episode of The Colbert Report last April 9, 2014,Stephen Colbert mentioned the crisis against worldwide communicationthrough Internet. Colbert (2014) said that the cyber bug “heartbleed”has become a grave problem all throughout the network system in theUnited States for about two years already and that its main targetsare the individual’s passwords and credit card numbers. Colbertthought that Internet communication already is a great lawlessfrontier towards advanced technologies and better communicationbetween two distant persons. Barely regulated resonance and technicalabstractions by different network systems has become out of controlas what Colbert explained in his report. Furthermore, Colbert alsomentioned that he does not anymore trust various sites in theInternet since he does not know if it will bring him a bigger troubleor not. However, the greatest solution possible to avoid theincidence of the “heartbleed” bug is by providing an extrasecurity password on your accounts and security cards in variousnetworking sites all over the Internet.


Accordingto Wei (2014), China and the other Southeast Asian countries had anopening ceremony for its annual cultural exchange last April 7, 2014at Beijing, China. This annual cultural exchange is to display everycountry’s diverse arts and historical culture and also aims toshowcase camaraderie and unity among other Southeast Asian countries.Among the important individuals present in the opening ceremony wereVice Premier Liu Yandong of China, Myanmar’s Vice President NyanTun, as well as other officials of the other countries. Furthermore,this annual cultural exchange aims to close the ties between Chinaand other ASEAN countries as well as for close partnership andconnections to promote peace and prosperity among them. The theme ofthe year-long cultural exchange is “Our Culture, Our Future” andits logo portrays two letters combining C and A for China and ASEAN,signifying great solidarity and alliance between Asian nations (Wei,2014).

InPakistan, a sudden bomb blast has struck the whole marketplace inIslamabad, killing around 20 people and leaving at least one hundredinjured (BBC, 2014). The bomb blast took place in a dry market offruits and vegetables. Some policemen said that the Pakistani Taliban(TTP) is involved in the said bomb blast however, they denied theirparticipation against the incident. Investigations revealed that itwas all by the efforts of Pakistan’s enemies to destabilize thewhole country. Moreover, the Interior Minister Chaudry Nissarexplained that it “was a dastardly act by criminals against some ofthe poorest people in the community” (BBC, 2014).

Accordingto the statement done by the Pakistani Taliban, it toughly convictedthe attack and that the killing of acquitted people on a civic placeis deplorable and punishable by the Islam region (BBC, 2014). Severalreporters also mentioned that TTP is not anymore considered as anorganized independent military group having conflicting ideas andagendas. Moreover, not everyone in the group favors peace talks withthe Pakistan government. Considering several bomb blasts andkillings all over the country in the past decades, reports said thatPakistan’s capital, Islamabad, makes it the deadliest capital inthe world, shortly after the bombing in the Marriott Hotel in 2008(BBC, 2014).


Bycomparing the two perspectives between the Americans and othercountries, most issues faced by the neighboring countries in the U.S.deals with the government crisis itself. An honest and efficientgovernment is needed for a country to develop as a whole. Bycomparing it with the American government, most of the news beingreported all throughout the state is on a positive altitude. Growthand progress are two important factors brought by good governance inthe U.S. and that’s what it makes it diverge from other countries.


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