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Media Selection


Mediaselection in advertising refers to the process of selecting for themost cost-efficient media for advertising, to obtain the optimalcoverage and exposure in target audience. To advertise, marketersmust consider various factors before settling for the medium to use.This includes the advertiser’s budget, the type of product, andtarget audience among other factors (Roy, N.D). This essay seeks toestablish the most effective form of advertising media for each ofthe given products.

a.Tomato Soup

Tomatosoup is a product that is meant for use in all seasons. It is largelytargeted to house wives and the larger food industry. With this inmind, the advertiser must look for a medium that will be able todeliver the message to this audience, and of course at a considerablecost, since it is not an expensive product. The most effective mediumfor Tomato Soup is therefore lifestyle magazines. This medium isappropriate because, it reaches a specific audience. In addition, asprint media, a magazine allows the advertiser to print pictures, aswell as instructions for use and even recipes for best results.Continuity model of advertising media scheduling is appropriate forthis product. Here, the advertiser can run advertising continuouslywith variations in different times (Sissors and Roger, 2002).Ultimately, magazine ads are less costly as compared to other media.

b.Greeting Cards

Greetingcards are targeted to a wide population across all levels of socialeconomic, gender, ethnicity, age as well as religious divide. Tooptimize audience accessibility, it is therefore critical to choose amedia that cuts across a large population. Radio advertisements willbe the most effective medium as it reaches a wide populationincluding in remote areas, and can be done in various dialects invarious radio stations targeting a particular community. It can alsobe done frequently throughout the day. This is effective because,greeting cards are seasonal and only needed during specific times ofthe year. Thus, intensive radio ads done are convenient as they arealso cost effective.

c.A business component material

Businesscomponent materials can be effectively advertised on billboards. Thisis because billboards are mounted mainly in cities with simple anddirect message, including contacts of the company providing thecomponent. They are effective because, majority of businesses are inthe city, and the relevant people including executives of business aswell as other commuters can see the ads (Katz, 2010). They arerelatively expensive, although has a great impact and can be run fora certain period of time.

d.Playground Equipment

Playgroundequipment are targeted to a wide range of clientele including homeowners, estate owners, schools, amusement parks as well as corporateseeking to provide play equipment to their employees’ families.Playground equipment are also bulk and expensive. Due to theirnature, such as intended purpose, operation which requiresdemonstration to the end user, playground equipment can be better beadvertised through TV ads. TV ads are appropriate because, they allowmotion pictures showcasing playground equipment. This can be veryappealing to consumers. They are also done during prime time allowinga wide coverage. In addition, the frequency can be adjusted using the‘pulsing’ media scheduling model. In this model, both continuityand flighting is made possible (Sissors and Roger, 2002). Playgroundequipment are sold all year, but are at peak during holidays such asSummer and Christmas seasons, which makes pulsing a good approach.Television ads become convenient for this form of advertising andproduct. Although TV ads are expensive, playground equipment areexpensive hence huge profits.

Conclusively,marketers should be able to weigh the various options for theiradvertisement in relation to the audience targeted, budget available,type of product and the intended sale.


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