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Memoir – “An evening at the Strawberry Festival/Summer Carnival”

Memoir- &quotAn evening at the Strawberry Festival/Summer Carnival”

Forpeople who have experienced the strawberry festival, the statementthat the intensity of fun and happiness in the festival areunimaginable is received with certain affirmation. Memorable games,meals, drinks, sports and demonstrations all contribute to color theevent thus prompting an individual crave to attend the festivalevery year. In fact, “To me, strawberry festival signifiedthe&nbspconclusion&nbspof the school&nbspcalendar, the&nbsponset&nbspofsummer, and somehow a celebration of my achievements that year andevery year that came after that.” The implication of this quote isthat the strawberry festival has developed from a one-time summerfestival to a ritual that is celebrated annually. The brief write updescribes the experience of the evening at the strawberry festivalwith particular reference to the five senses that are employed toperceive the memorable encounter. The five senses in question willinclude sight, hearing, taste, scent and feeling, and each willexperience will emphasize the breathtaking experience that Iexperienced at the strawberry festival.

Withregard to sight, the most interesting sights included the popularparade of the strawberry festival, which featured marching bands,floats and horses. There was also the crowning of the year’s queenof strawberry (Gott 22). There were also magnificent arts and craftthat were displayed all aver to color the event. My eyes fed on thethousands of people who were having fun moments with their family andfriends and this filled the air with happiness and joy. The beach wasanother breathtaking sight that facilitated and beatified thefestival with beautiful breaking waves, which were gently hitting theshore messages from the deep sea. On the same note, the sight ofpeople dancing freely to jazz, country music and gospel tunes wasamazing (Gott 26). Parents took their kids took their kids to thestage and showed them a couple of moves, which made the kids laughwith excitement. In a word, the festival was nothing short of fun andjoy.

Thehearing senses were stimulated by music from different genres. Themusic was entertaining and sensitive to age and taste thus ensuringthat everybody had memorable fun. People joined the musicentertainment on the main stage and danced to different tunes. Themusic instruments were vibrating to the ears bringing a feeling&nbspofrecreation&nbspto the mind. Even for dancers, one would not helpmoving the feet, hands or nod the head thus finding a wonderfulrhythm to the music that was played at the festival.

Thestrawberry festival cannot be described comprehensively, without themention of the all the strawberry flavored dishes, cakes, chocolates,ice creams and drinks among others (Gott 32). There were hundreds ofbooths that were selling and offering all manner of strawberryflavored edibles. Most importantly, there were plenty of freshstrawberries that left the taste nerves of the tongue excited forlong hours.

Ihad a chance to participate in swimming competition at the beach. Thefeeling of the sea water on my skin was refreshing and amazing.Further, I spent hours lying on the sand and enjoyed breaking waveson the skin. The feeling was so exciting that my skin developed goosepimple. I also had&nbspa chance&nbspto ride a horse. I could nothelp closing my eyes to enjoy the blowing wind as the horse racedthrough the field.


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