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Mission and Vision


Missionand Vision



Runningevery business requires high level of structured strategies that willinvolve all team members so as to work as an effective team.Therefore, mission statement will give directly important informationconcerning the firm business to its employees, customers, clients andentire globe their purpose of existence. In other words, missionstatement summarizes the existence of the company. For instance,Google and Yahoo are two different companies offering almost the sameproducts and services to their clients but with different missionstatement to run their business and achieve their profit goals.Google was established in 1998 serving thousands of customers andusers around the globe daily. It is a search engine accessed viainternet. Google’s mission statement reads: “to organize theworld’s information and make it universally accessible and useful”.Yahoo makes the world’s daily habits entertaining and inspiring. Itwas created in 1995 to keep people connected to what mattered to themacross the entire globe. The company’s mission statement reads “toconnect people to their passions, communities and the world’sknowledge” (Wilhelm, 2006).


Similaritiesand differences between Google and Yahoo

Withoutdoubt, Yahoo mission statement is defined in relevance to connecttheir customers. Yahoo answers and flickers are some of the optionsthat Yahoo has developed so as to assist them bond with their missionstatement. At the past, Yahoo dominated the market until Google tookover. However, Yahoo has put into place innovative measures so as tosurvive in the business world. Through its new mission statement, itstresses more on connecting with people. This brings a difference oncustomer basis in that Google’s customer is me and the other personwhile Yahoo’s customer is advertisers. This therefore gives Googlean added advantage reason being that Yahoo is not a search companywhich is Google’s mission. When Yahoo began back then 1994, itassisted people in assembling information from internet. According toYahoo CEO, he put across that Yahoo is in the market having Google asthe competitor by providing new services and most of it all makingadvertisements (Bonk,2009).

Onthe other hand, Google has taken a dissimilar approach in general.Instead of connecting people to each other, they connected them tosearch engines hence gaining its core proficiency in granting answersto individuals all over the globe over the years. Google therefore,became a promise, having no substitute. The main difference lies ontwo important tips information and knowledge. Google has stood outin providing simpler, cleaner and lighter interface as it acquiredthe information via measurements, data analysis, and investigationamong others, while Yahoo facilitat information on the basis ofpersonal understanding, awareness and association. Google at alltimes gauges the closeness of winning afterwards hit the encounter,for it is known for comprehensibility that clearly indicates howGoogle attends to the care of individuals perception and ensuringthat each and every product is faultless before the end customer hasreached it. Even though it arrived after Yahoo had started itsoperations and functions, Google has managed to build its ownposition as well as dominating ever since skillfully (Cook,2008).

Qualityof Mission Statement

Everybusiness ought to have a mission statement that will outline who theyare, what they do and who do they target. In other words, itsummarizes every firm’s business purposes. Inorder to keep up with the market, Yahoo Company has customized theirservices besides the mission statement in the past years. They areensuring that through their products such as Yahoo finance, Yahoomail, Yahoo answers, Yahoo TV among others, they are heading in thecorrect track as their interface depends mainly on understanding andinterpretations. On the other hand, Google having the largestdatabase system, it has clearly managed to brand itself as NumeroUno. The products did not remove the lime light from its interiorcapability. Unlike Yahoo on its many ads, Google is skillful makingmoney from clients’ attention without deluging its page withinappropriate ads (Downs&amp Maui, 2000).

DoesMission statement clearly define the organization and drivesstrategic decisions?

Wecannot compare Yahoo’s working with its current mission as it hasgone through a merited amount of reformation in the past years due toadoption of new methods and financial reasons. Yahoo allowsindividuals contribute in creation of differentiated consumer anduser experience insights by offering wide range of services andproducts. Google on the other hand stands firm in fulfilling theirword on their mission statement issuing a future by guarantying thatone can only find the data required only in Google. Its accuracy isgauged through its testing ways to allow user participation. However,unlike Yahoo that is focused in making big bugs by placing ads andincreasing page views, Google maintains their endeavor to producepertinent information for reference this becoming a real commotionbetween machine and man (Kilteret al 2010).


Yahooneed not to segregate its expertise to communities or people’spassion but contemplate on wider advance by fetching a bigger pointin view. Google should stress more on a wider viewpoint byaccommodating its phenomenal services and products.


Google:focusing on user.

Yahoo:to permit people expand, share, use and find all the human skills.

Everycompany is quite hopeful as they head towards achieving andaccomplishing their vision. As viewed, both companies have attainedalmost everything to confirm that. Google has managed to get theNumero Uno place through its search engine. From the start they havebeen focused towards looking after their client’s rights. Servingtheir clients with best of services before their competitors, havingmade sure that their products had no errors before handing them overto their clients, allowing the clients give their comments on everyinvention for improvisations, this made Google reach at the top. Onother hand, Yahoo has engaged people in doings that serves thepurpose and facilitated individuals with plenty of Yahoo’s productportfolio, expanded human skills through sharing of numerous datafrom the largest database containing all manner of information andenabling people find answers to their questions.



Fromthe past, Google has stood to be active in acts related to climate,poverty, education and in philanthropy challenges. Google has takenquite a few programs in China as well encouraging corporatephilanthropy requesting people to contribute and participate more andmore in such incidences. So as to persuade students in becomingambassadors of social change, Google organized a national-widecompetition called “Google china social innovation cup for collegestudents”. In addition, they awarded scholarships to 100studentswho were at the top and by inquiring for mind burning businessthoughts from the students, they funded the best once. This activatesthe young mind by creating awareness about social responsibilities aswell as persuading entrepreneurships. In cases of disaster such asearthquakes and other natural calamities, they as well come in toassist in an extremely big coverage in aid camps. Google is alsoinvolved in promoting education by issuing out computer accessoriesand contributing in charitable organization in offering freeadvertisements on the internet for free such as AIDS animal rights,child abuse among others. On the other hand Yahoo treats andconsiders people to be their first priority hence treating themcorrectly. Yahoo shares their benefits with those they work with andthe community they dwell in. Helping and funding events in schools isalso a responsibility that Yahoo undertakes and scenarios ofcatastrophe, they are on the front line to give aid (McManus,2008).



Strength: Search Leader and Household Name Internationally

Weakness: Cost Per-Click Woes and Mobile Monetization

Opportunities: Social Networking and Digital Wallets

Threats: Face book and Apple


Strength: User Data base and Product Portfolio

Weakness: Search Engine and Innovation in Mailing Services

Opportunities: Social Media and Yahoo Directory

Threats: Google(Search Engine and Mail) and Local Competition

ChangingWeakness into Strength and Threats into Opportunities


Weaknessto Strengths

TheCPC by last year declined with a rate of 15%. This can be brought bycurrency conditions. A policy to formulate mobile advertising shouldbe put in place so that the benefits will not become a misleadingnotion. Since mobile users will use phone to surf internet, there isa likelihood of clicking on the running advertisements hence half ofthe people surfing might be interested to buy any stuff. This becomesan issue with CPC as not all generated clicks are constructive.That’s why advertisement via phone is not capturing the attentionof advertisers.

Threatsto opportunities

Thecurrent war between Google and apple has been reported of late. Itstarted when Google maps were not powered and YouTube was abandonedas a standard application in Apple’s Smartphone. The Smartphonestands as new generation voice. Therefore, Google Company should addup more efforts to focus on an irreplaceable product or they bindties with the competitor. The issue of face book it’s only makingGoogle user base more bulky. An ultimate need of improvement isneeded so as to combat with much sharing of videos killing YouTubethus promoting advertisements that can minimize ads on Google.


Yahooneed to concentrate and become more focused on its search engines asthey are aware of how it earns to be the leading search firm. It canalso center on generating pertinent replies despite Google being itscompetitor. Yahoo should formulate and change its rules of adspromotion as the pops ups turns out to be annoying. In the mailingservices, muddling is required and improvement done since most peopledepend mailing services having the largest user data on mails.

Threatsto opportunities

Wheneverexpertise has been gained in local information, then it’s easier tocapture local markets. Therefore, Yahoo can become a threat to itscompetitor by setting up regional offices in the remote areas. Due tothe fact that Yahoo is well grounded financially it can easily winthem out.


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