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Mission Statement



Accordingto Robinson (2006) a mission statement is a simple but comprehensivestatement of what the organization expect to address and how toaccomplish it. The author states that, it should be something thatcan be remembered and stated by employees delivering this mission.

XYZis a health care facility operating in the rural America. Thepopulation in this region is mainly immigrant farm workers from SouthAmerica. This population is culturally diverse and with littleunderstanding of English language (Hitchcock, Schubert &amp Thomas,2003).

Themission statement of XYZ is:

Toprovide high quality and affordable health care to immigrant ruralpopulation regardless of their legitimacy and ability to pay, throughquality, excellence and collaboration with our highly motivatedstaff.

TheXYZ mission was reached through consideration of three main aspectsincluding the community, and the staff. Regarding the community beingserved, their cultural diversity, their legal status as immigrants,and their social economic welfare was considered. Regarding ourstaff, their commitment to serve by offering excellent high qualitycare was considered.

Consequently,the mission statement of XYZ addresses the three main components of avalid mission statement as stipulated by Radtke (1998):

Itexplains why the organization exists to accomplish which is “Toprovide high quality and affordable health care to immigrant ruralpopulation regardless of their legitimacy and ability to pay” Itaddresses what XYZ does to address this “collaboration with highlymotivated staff” and finally the values that guide their mission,which is excellence and quality.

Conclusively,XYZ mission statement realizes the cultural diversity of thepopulation they exist to serve. The realization that the people areimmigrant farm workers, with relatively low income, some of who arein the country illegally is an important part of ensuring that thefacility addresses the existing problem. Most illegal immigrants andfarm workers have no access to quality care due to cultural barrierand fear of colliding with authorities. Hence, the presence of XYZbreaks these barriers to ensure that they get the needed care.


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