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Modern-Day Ethical




Ethicscan be regarded as a crucial component of the police profession.Policemen are supposed to uphold the set code of ethics and follow itwithout any violation. It is deemed that by upholding the ethicalconduct, policemen can be in a position to serve the publiccompetently. There are certain modern-day ethical issues in thepolice profession these issues determine the conduct of policemenwhen they are providing services to the public. One of the ethicalissues in the police profession is integrity (Prenzler,2009).Police are expected to uphold the highest levels of integrity whenserving the public. All members of the police force should adhere tothe set morals and standards of acceptable behavior that are expectedto be followed and upheld by all policemen. Another ethical issuethat determines the conduct of the police includes accountability.Police should be accountable for their actions and avoid compromisingtheir position as law enforcement officers. Corruption is alsoanother issue that relates to the police profession. Most policeofficers are caught in an ethical dilemma on whether they shouldaccept bribes or not (Barker,2011).

Thedebate on whether police officers are held to a higher standard hasexisted for many years. Some argue that the public holds police tohigher standards while others hold that this is not the case. It isevident that people tend to hold police to a higher standard. This isbecause there are high expectations that police ought to meet inorder to appeal to the public. People believe that police shoulduphold high standards of behavior and adhere to the set code ofconduct without deviating from the acceptable behavior.


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