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Money is not an effective way to create motivation and happiness


Moneyis not an effective way to create motivation and happiness

Moneyis not an effective way to create motivation and happiness

Introduction Tomany people, having money is synonymous to living a happy andmotivated life. People will do anything possible to gain money evenif the method is morally wrong and/or illegal. In reality, however,rich people do not always live a happy and motivated life. In fact,some people who are extremely poor, live happy and motivated lives.This raises the question whether money is an effective way to createmotivation and happiness. If this statement is true, then differentpeople from all walks of life should strive through all availablemeans to access money. Although typically all people work hard to getmoney, those who get it do not always live a happy and motivated lifeand this explains why money is not an effective way to createmotivation and happiness.Discussion According tomany employers, the best way to attract the best employees, motivatethem, and keep them happy is to compensate them well. Compensatingthem well means good salaries and thus enabling them to have money intheir pockets. The argument is that individuals with money tend towork hard because they yearn for more. Money also enables employeesto fulfill their basic needs and other secondary needs and thusliving happy live. The truth is other aspects apart from moneymotivate individuals. In short, money is a necessary condition butnot sufficient. Other factors such as teamwork and progressivecareers are key to motivation and happiness. According to Gilbert(2006), if one individual wins a lottery and another one becomeparaplegic, after sometimes the two people will be happy andsometimes the paraplegic will be happier.

Individuals who believe money is an effective way to happiness arguethat it is essential to reduce stress. According to them, people whohave money are able to settle bills on time, reduce loans, constructbigger houses, and buy nice cars. If the disposable income is highenough, these individuals are able to take their friends to dinner inprestigious places. Contrary to this argument, money can only lead tohappiness up to a certain point beyond which it becomes demotivating.Individuals who work long hours to accumulate more wealth end up morestressed compared to those who utilized their time to search forhappiness through other means. Moreese Bickham stayed in prison for36 years for a crime he never commited but when he was released heargued that it was a glorious experience and that he was happy. Whatmotivated him and kept him happy was not money (Gilbert, 2006). Whenone gets a well paying career, chances are high that a person will behappy in the end according to people who believe money is effectivein creating motivation and happiness. However, what motivatesindividuals is more than money. Passion in work is a key ingredientof keeping individuals motivated in the workplace. Moreover, peoplewho undertake careers they are passionate about are likely to createnew ideas, which can be an avenue for happiness. According to Gilbert(2006), there are two types of happiness that are natural andsynthetic happiness. Taking a career one is not passionate about onlyleads to synthetic happiness.Conclusion Moneyis not an effective way to create motivation and happiness.Individuals who work long hours to accumulate wealth do not alwayslive happy lives. Ironically, some individuals who do not have muchmoney live happy lives. Some people spend majority of their time inprison and still live a happy life. Scholars ought to identify othereffective means of creating wealth besides money.


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