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Mothereseis simply a child-directed speech. It is known to identify childrenwith the origin of words .The speech helps them to get clues, whichhelp them in their everyday language development. The case study isabout June Porter who tries to redirect her way of life or ratherlifestyle after being diagnosed with diabetes type 2, and at the sametime her young baby suffers from motherese. Lifestyle, is generally atypical way of an individual, or group .In this scenario, the livingstandards of a person can dictate to a good extend the kind oflifestyle that the person may lead ,or rather live. Lifestyle is amatter of choice .It should not matter who one is everyone has his orher lifestyle .June Porter, in this case has also 15 years olddaughter but as a mother she still determines her own world ,and theway she wants everything to go.

Therefore,her lifestyle is simply a means of forging a sense of self as well asto create cultural symbols that tend to resonate with personalityidentity of someone .A good parent will always find better ways tochild-talk with his growing child, this is the best way of being atrue parent .It is normal to choose ones habits and systems of selfrealisation. People need freedom, but others tend to misuse it. Thepoor approach to motherese of this young woman affects directly thelanguage development of the baby.

Intonation,rhythm and exaggeration are very useful aspects in languagedevelopment of a child, when n adult uses them. They help the childrecognise natural aspects of speech. Although it can also berecognised that the simple ,life choices that an adult make, concernthe choices we make as human beings as we live our lives the way wechoose, some people do not take their time to do the child talk withthe young ones. When a child is ignored from childhood, then such achild develops some psychological problems (Cuomo, 2001). Man is asocial being. We cannot avoid, making choices of whatever nature beit smoking, alcoholic drinking, and even eating certain foods morethan others. Motherese is crucial for any child. Our choicesinfluence our preferences. People who make certain choices tend to beinclined towards some preferences. In this case involving a ladycalled Joyce Porte, shows a lot to do with choices that we make ashuman beings. Choices that do not enable a parent to have time formotherese with the chid. It’s always important for a good parent tofind time to do some child talking with the child, that s how a childdevelops language easily (Bernstein 1991, pg 370).

Inthis case June Porter who is a working class woman, 52 years oldwith diabetes type 2, should not ignore finding time for child-talkfor whatever reasons, for the past 12 years now, Joyce has beenemployed as a marketing manager with a certain cosmetics company,which is very involving(Heehfer, 2009). Being away from a child fortoo long sometimes is not good. A child needs to hear the child talkform the parent as much as possible, and as many times as possible.The surrounding social, as well as technical systems tend toconstrain the life of an individual. Here Joyce is revealed also as amarried woman who spends less time with her husband and children .Sheis a modern professional woman .Her case is understandable in themodern society, in addition to her queer habits. The modern life canbe said to be more flexible than the medieval days when our ways oflife, were very much restricted, especially on women of those days.The child-talk case here s ignored because of too much involvementswit other things (Bernstein 1991, pg 534).


Themethodology that can work here can involve a parent reading a book aloud to the child. This method has been proved to work, in most cases where the parent will look and appear more concerned with thespeech development of the child, and n he process the child l easilybe responsive .In this ace the child does not have to get what isbeing read. The most important thing is just to child-talk the child. The method is just simple involve in the language development of thechild. That parent who does this can be sure that what they do caneasily monitor the language of the child as the child grows.

Asa mother, June developed gestational diabetes during the birth, ofher now 15 years old daughter. Later, she was then diagnosed withtype 2 diabetes. Despite this, she still smokes heavily. The smokingaffects the child psychologically. Medical examination shows that shemay be suffering from a possible high blood pressure or develop to astroke .According to her, the lifestyle she leads is the best ever,and so should be maintained at all times. This is why she even smokes20 cigarettes per day. This is too much .It is too much for thechid-talking a child normally .She can develop even cancer. She isalso on the possible side of suffering from stroke. If she suffersfrom stroke, the language levels and abilities of her child willdeteriorate automatically. It is crucial for mother to the good careof themselves, so that the children may also enjoy the direct caresof their mothers Motherese is case that can be handled without muchproblem, especially if the mother is more concerned for the child.Children need care, especially young babies who still struggle withlow levels of languages, need a lot of attention from their parents(Bernstein 1991, pg 785).


Theright way of child talk with the child will always impart positivedevelopments to type child. The reading of a book to the chid, doesnot mean that the child ahs to know what is being read, the crucialthing is to develop the child’s language level.

Bywhatever meansnursingin this case is required .Nursing is a very useful profession,basically being in health care provision .Proper nursing habits helpa lot in understanding of some childhood cases. So, a nurse is ahealth care provider .Nurses help people to recover their health.They work in the same environment like the physicians, but they onlydiffer in their roles slightly .Some differences as being healthcareproviders, tend to arise from their training, care, scope of practiceas well as approach to patient. A parent who reserves some nicemoments with a child will always contribute to a healthy child. Morechild-talking with the child then the faster the languagedevelopment, the child experiences.

Inthis case the poor habits of the mother can be well taken carethrough nursing. As health care providers, nurses have always playeda very crucial role in as far as taking care of the sick is concerned(Ian, 1993). They are always there for them. They give themmedication, feed them, wash them and even dress them. Were it not fornurses ,then the modern health care setting would not have succeededin its operations . Motherese is simply child talk which is asolution, but the solution is only possible if the parent is also ina better position to provide it. The habits which are passed frommother to child can in this case help the child in his or herlanguage developments. Critical care nursing is not a new field ithas been there from time immemorial .In some parts of the world,nursing was perpetuated by missionaries of those days. Wherever themissionaries went, they built hospitals and schools .All this, wasgoing on as they spread the word of God. So, it was not a surprise tosee most missionaries taking extra professions in teaching andmedicine. Poor habits led to poor lives (Ian, 2009).

TheCritical care nursing is simply a field of nursing with a focus onthe utmost care of the critically ill or rather unstable patients(Cuomo, 2001). So it does not seem to involve some cases ,but stillin some cases where a child has been ignored then the case can beacute or critical (Ian, 1993).Critical or acute care nurses can befound working in a variety of environments and specialities ,such asemergency departments as well as the intensive care units. Normalparents live normal lives, and enable children to develop healthy.Nurses can therefore be differentiated from other health careproviders by their approach to patient, training, care, as well asscope of practice (Bulman and Schutz, 2008).

Thetraining ofcaring for children is usually very special, and itequips mothers with the necessary skills to do their work efficientlyand effectively. . Nurses as the case is practice in a wide diversityof practice areas with different scope of practice, well as level ofprescriber authority in each. However, various jurisdictions permitnurses to practice independently in a variety of settings, whichdepends with the training level. It was in the post war period thatnurse education underwent a process ofdiversification towards advanced as well as specialized credentials,and many of the known traditional regulations as well as providerroles are changing. The better training health provides receive ,thebetter lives that parents lead with their children (Bay et al, 1972)


Ourlifestyles are usually our very best ways. The poor habits of notdealing with the child do not help much (Burg 2009). Ways that we arenot ready to give up easily. The modern living standards are not toblame. The habits of the mother here are to blame as they do not helpto give proper language development of the child. However, thesituation can be avoided. So ,it s advisable that parents always findtime to child-talk their babies, and in the right manner (Bernstein1991, pg 257).


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