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My Dream to Become an Icon in the Hospitality Industry

MyDream to Become an Icon in the Hospitality Industry

Igrew up in a family that solely depended on the entertainmentindustry. As a child I used to engage in various activities in thefamily business which used to be very exciting. I would see peoplecoming to our business with their families and enjoy our services.Sometimes I would help my father with some work including manual worksuch as arranging the restaurant and keeping things in order. Theentertainment industry slowly became my life and I could not detachform it. This is one of the motivations for my interest to pursue acourse in hospitality.

Duringmy high school years, I moved away from my home town. I could nolonger help my parents. Even though my parents were supporting meduring my studies, I could not just sit and do nothing after school.I decided to seek some part time job. I could not think of a betterplace to work, other than in a hospitality related business. I workedin Michigan State University East Dining Hall. The experience herewas even more challenging than in my family’s business. I wasassigned serious responsibilities and had to report to the manager.The number of customers was larger than I had ever dealt with. Thisfurther opened my view of the larger hospitality industry. Itcompelled me to chase my dream of working in hospitality sector.

Obtaininga degree in the hospitality industry is my life dream. I not onlywant to gain knowledge and work as an employee, but to go back homeand help expand my father’s business. I know that I may need towork in larger organization and gain more experience, but in the needI will be able to take over my family business and grow it. This willenable me to give back to the community. Expanding our familybusiness will create more employment opportunities for the locals,thus improve their lives.

Mygoal does not end there having attained solid managerial knowledgeand skills through working in other businesses and running my familybusiness to great heights, I intend to expand the business tonational levels and possibly later make it a multinational business.I would like to venture to the larger U.S market and compete with theindustry leaders like McDonalds, Starbucks and others. Through this,I will be able to make an impact not only to my personal life, thecommunity that I come from, but also the world.

Havinggained my education in the states, I wish to leave a mark in thehospitality industry by inspiring other young people full of dreamsand not having a direction. I want to become a mentor and help manyyouths to follow their dreams. An opportunity to study a degree inhospitality wills thus the door to the future. I believe thateverything is possible and a journey of 1000 miles begins with asingle step! I have made a few steps and not looking back.