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Accordingto the occupation exploration chart, different careers requiredifferent intelligences in order to perform their functionseffectively. However, it is possible that different intelligencescould be applicable to multiple careers. This means that a singleintelligence could be applicable to multiple careers. Good examplesof a career that can use different intelligences include a computerprogrammer. Programming in itself is a career that requires a highlevel of logical mathematical intelligence, and visual/spatialintelligence in order to make an effective computer program.Programming is a mathematical problem that needs to be designed andsolved mathematically, which is therefore an essential requirementfor anyone wishing to join computer-programming environment. Inaddition, it will require a very observant individual in order totake note of small things that can be changed into programs to makelife better for people. Another example of a career is thesongwriter. Songwriters need to have verbal linguistic intelligenceas well as musical intelligence in order to make an effective songlyric (Stemberg 392).

Anathletic trainers and coaches ought to have bodily/kinestheticintelligence as well as interpersonal intelligence. Interpersonalintelligence will enhance easy relations with the trainee and bodily/kinesthetic intelligence will ensure that he has the requiredknowledge about physical exercises, where they help and diet supposedto be taken. On the other hand, scouts’ work is to spot a talentand plan on recruiting the talent. They will require interpersonal,kinesthetic, and visual/spatial intelligence. Based on myplan.com,having a high job satisfaction rate is the most important aspect tojobseekers and working people. The information provided in the samewebsite rates singers as the most satisfied people in their jobs,with approximately 91.7 percent. However, myplan.com rate sports andmedicine physicians the seventh best paid personnel in the country.This means that their level of intelligence required to perform theirfunctions effectively are well appreciated as far as payment isconcerned (Stemberg 391).

Moreover,some jobs such as athletics and sports competitors rank among thebest paying job in the country, which do not have college educationas a prerequisite of the same. The fact that this point is said heremeans that some people would need a job in line with theireducational specification so that they may consider it satisfying tothem. However, payment is sometimes not part of the measurement ofsatisfaction. This is because waiters and waitresses, for example,are 5thin employment by size, require college education, but is among thepoorest paying jobs in the county. This means that popularity of ajob cannot measure satisfaction level of the same job.

Itook a test to know my intelligence and the result was an aboveaverage result. This is because my score was 128, which is a scoreslightly below a gifted person. In other words, I posses somemathematical, verbal, and visual intelligence, which help perform myduties in the best way possible with minimal difficulties noted. Thishas been very essential in the choice of career that I made as aAthletic Trainers &amp Coach and Scouts. These careers require agood number of logical, visual, interpersonal, and intrapersonalintelligence. Intrapersonal intelligence is essential in giving meconfidence and believing in the choices, I make in life and in thesports. Finally, based on what I learnt, I now have confidence inwhat I can achieve and confidence that I have the required skills toachieve the goal.


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