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Research work: Short stories. 1






&quotDoyou want to get over?&quot she finally remarked familiarly after shereturned the gaze then

startedlaughing exposing her white teeth, sound and smooth as splithazel-nuts. Without

hesitation,Willoughby responded that he couldn’t do that without disturbingher. It was obvious

thather beauty had dazzled him. As they continued talking, it becameevident that the attraction

wasboth ways, they shared a lot, like they had known each other for alife-time. How could this

be? Looking back Willoughby could not comprehend how everything hadturned sour.

TheBronckhorst Divorce-Case

Brutalassaults with clethched fists had become a daily occurrence, theattitude he had towards

herwas coarse. Mrs. Bronhorst bore more any woman could bear but shealways tried her best to

pleaseher abusive husband. I suppose he had fallen in to the habit at firstmeaning no harm, but I

gueshe found that his ordinary stock of endearment run short, he chose toexpress his feelings in

anotherway.However, Mrs. was devoted to her &quotTeddy&quot, as sherefered to him,her queer

attemptsof making herself more attractive to her husband were tiring evenwhen she knew she

wasnot what she used to be, she was not a young woman, though fifteenyears younger than Mr.

Bronhorst,her image had faded over the years, worst of all was the love shespends on her

children.How life had changed over the years, form the apple of his eyes, tothe rag of the house.

&quotApoor Stick.&quot

Thetruth however was that for ten years, Mrs Jennings governed supremelyas she pleased, came

homewhen she felt the need, cooked when she was hungry and Bob bore allthis without even

theslightest squeak. There were no children, then all over sudden camechildren, three in three

years,bob did not have the nurse to take care of them. Mrs. Jennings was atthis time what was

calledrather a fine woman, one of large scale and full development. theneighbors referred to

himas a poor stick.


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