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Recording session.




Whenworking with only one instrument, most recording techniques areussually very easy to put

intopractise, the challenge comes when dealing with numerous inputs whichmay require setting

uprooms inside the venue for recording for different instruments isalso equally important.

Hence,the room in question is a lounge-sized room equiped with a Yamaha02R desk

with8 inputs : Kick/High Hat, snare(top only),toms(all),overhead right,overhead left,

bass(DI),guitar(DI)and lead vocal


Thereare generally two types of microphones to consider from which includethe dyanmic mics

whichbasically for instrumental recording while and condenser mics whichare used for vocals.

Thedynamic mics are the most appropriate to use in this recording andshould be placed a

distancethat produces the highest quality of sound.They should be placed asfollows, vocals- 8

inches,bass-3inches,drums- 1 inch above the head andled at 45 degrees, grandpiano-10 inches.

Giventhe restricted room, drums should be placed inside a padded cell.This is so as to shut out

theroomsound . They should also be placed a good distance from the wall. Thebass max also

shouldhave their own larger space but near or next to the drums so thatthey can hear each other

directlywhich is better than relying on headphones monitoring and separetingthem hence

comingup with a better, closely locked rhythm perfomance which would makethe small spill

betweenthem &quotdissappear&quot. The lead vocalist should be placed frontcenter stage.

Controland Precautions

Themain challenge that bands face is ambiance spill which is mostly fromthe louder

instrumentssuch as acoustic guitars to the microphones on quiter sound sources.However, this

shouldnot limit the band`s ability to play as a unit.To minimise the amountof spill, it is

importantto have a good power soak which is plugged in between the poweramplifier and the

speakerso as to enable you to run the power amplifier as hard as you wantwhile still attenuating

thepower reaching the speaker.


Thesession should involve much careful research and setup work forproper execution of the

recordingprocess. Additional instruments that may be needed include thefollowing four bands

ofEQ, a limited-range coat and one compressor.