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Organizational environment

Product offerings

Wegmans grocerystores offer organic products that relate to healthy eating habits.This includes vegetables grown in organic markets. The nature oforganic food reduces the chemical contents mainly used by large scalefirms making Wegmans a growing brand for supply of organic foods.Wegmans works with hundreds of local growers to deliver fresh-pickedproduce to an already market. Seafood can also be found in the choiceof products offered. In product distribution the company owns 86franchised stores across the country. They offer recipes, healthydiet tips and tips on healthy eating on their website. Wegmans offersthe option of delivery of products to one’s home through onlineshopping which has improved on the relationship with their busycustomers who get the products at their comforts. This has alsohelped the Wegmans in serving a large number of customers at a giventime.

Corecompetences Wegmans vision is translated into fivestatements according to their website

  • We care about the well-being and success of every person

  • High standards are a way of life.

  • We make a difference in every community

  • We respect and listen to our people

  • We empower our people to make decisions that improve their work and benefit our customers and company

Wegmans range ofproducts relates highly in healthy eating this shows its commitmentto improve on the lives of its customers. The vast number of storeshave also improved lives of many families in terms of employmentacross the country. At Wegmans the mission statement is related tosustainability of the environment which has made the company alivestriving to attain it. With the ever growing environmental problems,it has challenged Wegmans to come up with simple solutions that willhelp the community to reduce, re-use and recycle. Wegmanssustainability projects can best be described by the differentre-usable bags, bottles and bags. Work groups and profiles

Wegmans workprofile is divided into five departments manufacturing, culinary&amphospitality, distribution, corporate and store operations. At Wegmansemployees have a flexible working schedule, career development andgrowth and pride that one is working for a company with a goodreputation. Employees in Wegmans unlike other companies they enjoybenefits packages which include healthcare, dental coverage and aretirement plan among others. Wegmans values and culture is in theemployees as they work together as a team. In Wegmans employeesexpect to get career development as they offer tools and resourcesand opportunities to be successful. Wegmans employs highlyexperienced workers in regards to improved services andprofessionalism in order to serve its customers effectively andefficiently.

Industry standards

Since 1982Wegmans has been ranked top as the best food retailer in the UnitedStates. Wegmans has been awarded different awards in the foodretailing industry and supermarkets putting it on top of all otherretailing outlets. Wegmans food safety guidelines on storage shows acompetence on the kind of relationship they build with the customers.The company is ISO certified in food production and is ranked top inthe list alongside similar companies.

Customer andmarket segments Customer based on common expectations,behaviors and preferences. The affordable products provided byWegmans are affordable and serve all levels of income. The diverseproducts range caters to all customer preferences in terms ofquantity and quality. The number of stores shows a diverse populationof customers in the different region across the Atlantic. The marketis well segmented to naturally cater to the needs of the consumers.The customers visiting the Wegman stores are mostly people who loveto cook and are also sociable. This segmentation has ensured easieraccommodation to all consumers of different health needs and economiclevels.

Communication mechanisms

Wegmans has established a communication mechanism that is two way.Considering thatcustomer’s feedback is an essential tool forensuring safety practices and quality of the products, the Wegmanshas made sure that there is a constant contact with the customers.Wegmans has a customer affairs department where they answer questionsfrom the customers in regards to preparing, cooking and storing food.They provide tips to customers on safe ways of handling food and toensure products are in good quality as they are stored. In theirwebsite they offer advice on variety of topics where the staff atWegmans promptly assists the customers at any given time.

Organization situation

This describesthe competitive environment, strategic challenges and advantages, keyelements of performance improvement. Wegmans competitive environmentis mainly with other supermarkets. It provides more than 80,000products in their stores. The Wegman stores are larger than manysupermarkets making them the leading company in food retailing in themarket. Compared to our competitors the feedback received fromsatisfied customers has in years assured quality of services andproducts at Wegmans to be of high quality.

Strategic context

As a companyhaving different stores in different locations in the country hasdiversified the market and products offered. One of the manychallenges however, is management, in recent times some stores havereduced in profits and this has led to downsizing of employees. Inachievements we pride ourselves in the existence 83 stores spreadacross the country with most of the stores based in New York. In nomatter of time Wegmans will expand to other states to increasecustomer base. Some of the strategic advantages that may occurinclude price leadership in the product range of Wegman andinnovation through advancement of technology.

Performance improvement systems

Wegmans wouldbenefit from this assessment in many ways. First, the company haspreviously reached position one in the list of top 100 places to workin and has since fallen each year since the achievement. In 2012,the company was ranked the fourth place to work in the United States,and in 2013 it had fallen by one rank. For 2014, however, thecompany has fallen to position 12 in the 2014 listing of top 100companies to work for. Understanding the causes of the drop instatus on the list will help the company to understand areas of needfor instance, if there are any employees’ related issues that areaffecting the production process which contributes to the dropping inposition. The company has very low turnover at 3.6% and it isbelieved that the company’s family atmosphere has aided theiremployee longevity. Because the dropping rank on the listing is anindicator of employee happiness, understanding why the ranking isfalling will help the company to understand its position with itsemployees and work towards a satisfactory company its employees andits customers at large.


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