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refers to an upcoming field in science whose aim is to ensure thatsome of the most difficult problems involved in treatment are handledwith medicinal materials, which have extraordinary characteristics,and which are referred to as nanodevices (Juliano2012).Inclusiveof the problems are therapy and medical diagnosis. Some of thepotential positive developments of interdisciplinary research intonanotechnology include the formation of nanoparticles, which are usedin the delivery of drugs to sick tissues in a selective manner(Juliano2012).

Theyare coated with certain chemicals that make them resistant, in theblood stream, so that a significant amount of them can be taken up bycertain types of cells such as the tumor cells. Furthermore,nanotechnology might ensure that the diagnosis of diseases is done bysmall fluid like circuits referred to as micro-fluidic circuits andminute chips with barcodes in order to facilitate the determinationof a huge number of blood proteins, inclusive of those that arepresent but in limited levels (Juliano2012).

Thechallenges of nanotechnology might involve differences in the mindsetand philosophies of nanotechnologists and biomedical scientists andthe complicated nature of the human body (Juliano2012).Thedifferences in their thinking are through the production techniqueswhereby the biomedical scientists may find it tasking to producenonmaterial, posing a challenge for the nanotechnologists if indeedthey produce them. The challenge with the complex nature of the humanbeing’s body is that it is constantly changing, but the materialsmade for it may not be able to change and adapt (Juliano2012).Worthwhilesuggestions for consideration for the biological and physicalscientists to ensure more productivity in their research would be toembrace nanotechnology fully and work with the experts in this area,to tackle the challenges that face them.


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