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Nature versus Nurture


Natureversus Nurture

Natureversus Nurture

Natureand nurture are two main elements of the development of behavior andhuman properties that come into play either in the historical ormodern world. The proponents of nature argument hold that thegenetics of a person and relation to the family lineage is whatshapes human behavior. On the other hand, nurture proponentsunderstand that the human behavior is influenced by environmental anddevelopmental dynamics in terms of social and economic interaction. ,both nature and nurture is what ultimately shapes the human behaviorand personality. The discussion of studies in this paper illustratesthat the interaction between nature and nurture is the mostinfluential element in the development of human beings.

Forinstance, in the study of violent behavior, Reif et al (2007)describes any human behavior as both a result of nature and nurture.According to the study, the investigation of polymorphisms thatmoderate transcription of genes has significant influence toaggression (Reif et al, 2007). In an agreement with the environmentalinfluence, the study argues that the development of human behavior isalso influenced by gene–environment interactions especially withthe emergence of adverse childhood environment.

Intheir study of the interaction between the two elements, Coll et al(2004) concludes that the environment is as important as genetics.The study found out that human behavior is influenced by the twoelements, even though one may be dominant over the other. Genetics donot seem to take stronger influence to the human behavior as comparedto environments, but it provides the basis for the environmentalfactors to influence an individual. The environment influences thedevelopment of the behavior due to the natural human aspect oflearning. Since human beings tend to learn from what they experiencefrom the environment, any behavior is influenced by the environmentin addition to nature.


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