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Thenumber of individuals incarcerated in different parts of the world isworrying. Majority of correctional institutions around the worldholds more inmates than they were designed to house. Whilecriminologists struggle to establish new and effective ways ofdealing with the increased crime rate leading to increased number ofinmates, technology is playing an important role in the management ofcorrectional facilities. This includes surveillance and inmatemonitoring equipment, prison designs and riot control equipments. Themost important technology in the correctional facility has been thedesign of modern facilities. In the traditional designs, prisonwardens had a hard time observing the prisoners. However, with themodern panopticon design, it is possible to monitor the activities ofa prisoner without them noticing that they are being watched. Thishas played an important role in averting chaos and riots amongprisoners before they happen. Another important technology in themanagement of jails and prisons is the use of surveillance cameras.Today, almost all premises within the correctional facilities areequipped with high resolution and networked surveillance cameras. Thecameras enable prison guards to monitor all activities within thecorrectional facilities. The recorded footages are archived forfuture reference. Other emerging technologies include the uses ofRFID chips and less lethal weapons in riot controls. The RFID chipsare secretly attached to the prisoners’ clothes to monitor themovement of the prisoners. This is one of the most recenttechnologies. Less lethal weapons such as taser’s XREP are used toincapacitate violent inmates while causing minimum injuries. The useof technologies that detect contraband goods in correctionalfacilities is one of the most extensively used technologies in themodern world (Peak, 2012).


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