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NonLethal Weapons

NonLethal Weapons

Lawenforcement has over the years been a major issue in the modernsociety. Due to the emerging issues in law enforcement, the policingrole has become more complex and demanding. Concerns have been raisedon the safety of the officers and minimum use of lethal force. Thishas led to the emergence of technologies to address some of theemerging issues. In addition to the convectional weapons, policeofficers can use non lethal weapons to deal with hostile offenders.Non lethal weapons, also known as non deadly weapons are weapons thatare relatively less likely to cause death of the offender compared toconvectional weapons. Although non lethal forces were initiallydeveloped to deal with hostile offenders and crowd control, somemodern non lethal weapons have applications in combat. Somecriminologists have argued in favor of lethal force whole others holdthe view that non lethal force is unwarranted (Bunker, 2007). It ismy view that the use of majority of the non lethal force shouldrestricted since they are more susceptible to misuse and onlyminimize the risk of injuries and death.

Criminologistsargue that whether lethal force is applied or not, accidental orincidental deaths will always occur. The use of non lethal force doesnot guarantee zero injuries or casualties. They only minimize therisks or possibility of death. There is a higher likelihood of abuseof majority of non lethal force. The most abused non lethal weapon isthe pepper spray. There are numerous cases that have reported ofmisuse of almost all non lethal weapons, possibly due tomisconception that mild use if not enough to incapacitate theoffender (Rózsa, 2009).


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